Friday 5: Celebrating Simplicity

Five simple happenings from the week worth celebrating. Here's to progress in the missing couch!Very long story short, and after being on hold for a very long time, a social media team lead got in touch with me and made me feel better about #couchgate and offered some answers. (See, Instagram and Twitter are productive!)...more

"O"less in Seattle

Well. Most of us remember the movie. I was young, but I remember the scene when Meg Ryan imitated an earth shattering orgasm in a restaurant as Tom Hanks looked on. I always wondered if she knew how scared that scene made me. The curiosity of actually achieving such an intense force. It also was upsetting to discover as I got older, that it is something that didn't happen often. After many failed attempts, giving up on the big O was looming in the midst. I vowed never to try again. I gave so much effort to obtaining something that seemed like an impossible conquest....more

If Vintage is In, Why Doesn't Anyone Have a Home Phone Anymore?

I saw the most amazing sight the other day. It wasn’t a double rainbow or a mama cow giving birth to a calf – all of those could certainly be deemed amazing. It wasn’t even my daughter washing my car or folding a load of laundry – other amazing sights to behold. The thing I saw was just as uncommon and out-of-the ordinary as those things and just as gratifying. A simple pay phone. That’s what I saw. Nothing newfangled about it; no upgrades to the ones I remember from my youth. Just plain and simple and, well, beautiful....more

How Not to Write An Obituary

I really thought that my demise would signal the end of my years of editing and writing, but after reading a questionable obituary the other day, I now know my writing skills must be utilized even after death. The obituary I am referring to was glowing…initially.“She loved four-letter words almost as much as gardenias, hot-air balloons, needlepoint and kokopellis.”...more

Keeping up with the California Girl in me.

HOW do I keep up with the California girl in me after 3 decades in a foreign country?                                                                                &...more
Love this! You're so right--our past never completely seeps out of us. It's within, tucked away, ...more

An Open Letter to Wannabe European Hipsters

Dear Wannabe European Hipsters,As happy as I am that you had the opportunity to backpack around Europe for a year, this by no means makes you a bonafide European nor does it improve upon your really cool pathetic Hipster-like tendencies. The fact of the matter is, you’re simply trying to hard as evidenced by the following:...more

An Open Letter From the Baby Before Her First Birthday

To Anyone Who Cares:I have a birthday coming up. It's the BIG 0-1! I heard Mom stressin' a bit, wondering if she was making it as special as she did for my older sister's (I think she just let people know via Facebook about my "party", as opposed to the nice invites from Tinyprints, sent out for Big Sis, two years ago), but honestly, I could care less!...more


MyHartEnt ...more

Random Things I've Learned Since Having Kids

B elow is a random list of things that I've realized since becoming a mom. I’m quite sure this list will be updated often.Your child will embarrass you at the most inopportune times usually by pulling out a booger in front of a perfect stranger.When you have a new baby, if you aren't driving you have to sit in the back seat (this is something I really struggle with).Taking the escalator is a thing of the past. You might as well roll that stroller on to the elevator and wait behind 5 other moms....more