Things I Always Wondered About "Bonanza"

So, last night, as I’m getting ready for bed, the “Bonanza” theme song pops into my head. (Why these stupid songs keep showing up is beyond me…) First of all, how awesome was that theme song? Paired with the burning map and the uncomfortably long time the camera focuses on the actors (as though you need that much time to read their names?) it’s pretty epic....more

Who Is Your Pop Culture Doppelgänger? I Am Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt!

My husband came to me and asked, "Have you seen Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt?""No. Why? Is it any good?""Oh, man! YOU have to see it. It's uncanny!" He continued, "It's about this girl who escapes a cult and decides to take on New York City with her positive, can-do attitude..." Then he raised his eyebrows and did this slooow nod, like, You know what I'm saying. Ha. Ha. ...more

10 Ways Old-School Parenting Is Better

My parents were extraordinary. They still are. They were ahead of their time in so many ways. Sure, we sat—or stood—anywhere in the car we wanted, but whatever, they got so many things right. They got them right without the luxury or convenience of the internet and a million how-tos at their fingertips. ...more
pinesandpalmettos I know - when imagining doing things the way they "used to", you wonder if it ...more

5 Times I Wish I Was a Better Mother.

Hi Everyone. I have to say that I think I'm handling this whole Mom gig pretty well. I mean after all, most days I throw some food at them, I make them bathe a few times a week; and I'm usually good about getting them into bed by 10 pm So, you one is starving, dirty or tired around here!  I even do the more important, but quite possibly equally mundane things like forcing them to complete their homework and read every night as well. These are all good goals to have as a mom, don't you agree, LOL!  ...more
We all have times we could have done better as a mom but the fact that you KNOW those times ...more

Sometimes I Want Funyuns

My eating habits aren’t too bad. They’d need to be better if I cared more about six-pack abs than general happiness, but I do not—so for what I value most, I do pretty well. For me, the quickest way to make life less lovely, is to wake up day after day with food restrictions....more

Frida 5: Celebrating Simplicity

5 happenings from the week worth celebrating. Here's to leaving uplifting and inspirational notes in the kids lunchbox. (I should do that instead of leaving notes to mess with them.) ...more

Help, I'm 32 Years Old & I'm at a Crossroads

CROSSROADS.  I’ve used this term in my blog a lot before; especially when describing what life was like once I turned 30 [almost three years ago].This is a weird age.Not bad, just… weird....more

Confessions of a Super-Charged Sugar Junkie

No sugar or no credit card. Both sound equally horrible and equally impossible. But I feel it may come down to that. A choice I must make, some change to rid either my body or my wallet of those toxins. Because let’s face it: I’m an addict. If I didn’t find the thought so disgusting, I would dip my Visa in sugar, indulging myself in two vices with one lick of the tongue. I scoff at people who have no willpower - those who are overweight or addicted to drugs. From high on my perch, I glare down and mock them for their lack of self-control....more
I loved this. Thanks for sharing. And yes, Haagen-Dazs, is my heroin, too. We all have our ...more

I got my new shoes on and suddenly everything's right.

I started running last November....more