17 Things You Probably Say That You Didn’t Know Were Racist

This is mainly directed at other white people.  Just putting that out there upfront.Btw this article doesn’t even scratch the surface, so if you have more, please share them in the comments below!...more

Harry Potter and the 34 Year Old Fan

There’s a new Harry Potter book!  There’s a new Harry Potter book!  There’s a new Harry Potter book!!!!!!Okay, I have to catch my breath because just thinking about jumping up and down and yelling that at the top of my lungs has me winded.  For real.  I am after all, significantly older than I was the last time I donned my robes, drew a lightning bolt on my forehead, and stood in line at midnight to pick up the book so that I could race home to start reading* it. ...more

Top 5 Reasons Why I Am Not Margot Robbie

I will be the first to concede that I am not entirely up with what’s hip these days.Goodness knows, I certainly don’t know what the current fashions are. I have this crazy notion that “my own style” actually works, and I don’t stick out like a sore thumb. ...more

The Family Story We'll Tell For Generations

Editor's Note: Each week this month, we're featuring a response to one of the BlogHer Writing Lab prompts. Want to be inspired by writing prompts? They're posted at the beginning of every month in the Writing Lab. Want to be the next featured writer? Join the Writing Lab's Facebook group and look for the Pitch Please call for posts. --Mel ...more
That could go in a fiction story!  Great real life material!more

The Accidental Landlord

Alright, the title is kind of misleading.First, we are not yet landlords.  We are still in the god awful showing of the property and screening out lunatics phase.  We haven’t even gotten to the part where money exchanges hands.  We’re just basically unpaid tour guides in the museum of our lives.  And. It. Is. Awful....more

An Open Letter to the Woman Who Laughed at My Son's Buns

You were waiting just like me, perched on the edge of a wall that wasn't really a bench. It was early in the day still, but you looked like you knew what kind of special hot hell the day had the potential of delivering, and you, like me, were getting the most of the shade before the noon hour stole it away....more

My Mom Boner

I had a moment this weekend where I looked at my husband, smiled, and said, “Our life is kind of perfect right now.”  We were tired, sweaty, and on what was probably our third straight hour of working on the yard....more


  Back in March, I remember sitting in the dark of B's room during one of our many late night rendezvous, counting how many months I had left of my maternity leave. Five. Well, five and a little bit. How was it even possible that I had a six month old already? And what could I do to make those next five months really count? I sat for a moment to peacefully contemplate all the possibilities that lay before me. Just kidding. I had a mini panic attack. ...more

10 Places to Look When You've Lost Your Kid in IKEA. Again.

Admit it. This has happened to you. I’m a grown adult and I’ve gotten lost in IKEA. It’s like a gigantic labyrinth stuffed to the bowels with enticingly inexpensive furniture.  I’m just gonna run in for a roll of easel paper and I walk out with three light fixtures, a birdcage, and a collection of kitchen utensils that I had no idea I needed. Those damn Swedes. They suck you in....more

A Bug's Life: A Look at Nature, the Great Outdoors, and a Boy's Place Amidst it All.

“Ooh, look at this, Joey!” I sunk down onto the prickly gravel of our driveway and pointed to a giant winged ant. I followed it with my finger as it made its way through the winding cemented terrain, bumping and jostling tiny rocks in its path. Joey turned to look, torn for a moment from his daily task of beating our fence with a stick. “What is it?” he asked, his curiosity piqued. “Come look!” I motioned with my hand, inviting him to where I knelt on the hard concrete. Dropping the stick, he sped over and bent at the waist, peering down at the ant as it hobbled along....more