The Art of Invisibilty

There are a lot of ways that you can feel invisible. I’ve felt invisible when trying to speak up in a room full of men, who did not seem to notice when I opened my mouth, but easily could hear one another. I’ve felt invisible when my depression reared its ugly head and, even when I tried to express what was happening out loud, no one seemed to acknowledge it; either because they were going through their own things or were too put off by an open declaration of not feeling okay....more

Pregnancy, Personal Space, and an (Unfortunate) Kiss

I want to preface this by saying that my mother in-law and father in-law are goodhearted people, they also have a “don’t give a f*ck” attitude that causes situations like the one I will lay out for you today. My In-Laws weren't terribly interested in giving me advice until I got pregnant. Suddenly, they were fonts of wisdom and all about being in my business. They flooded the Mister and I with equal amounts of both unwanted advice and terrifying stories: "I stopped giving my sons formula at 3 months because it was too expensive and they're fiiiiiine"....more

What's the Strangest Thing Anyone Has Ever Left on Your Porch?

This story goes back to when I still lived at home with my parents.  My Uncle bought a house in the same town as us and he had become a bit of local legend with my friends who hung out at the same bar as him. They had all adopted him as their own Uncle because he is pretty much the coolest mad-scientist bachelor you will ever meet.  He works as a chemist, but also runs his own eBay store to generate the income necessary to support all of his hobbies. Here is a list of my favorites:...more

Friday 5: Celebrating the Week

~ 5 things from the week ~ Here's to simple neighborhood fireworks.(Being sarcastic here, folks. We were treated to a pretty amazing show without having to fight the crowds. I love how passionate some are about their fireworks! Happy 4th!)...more

Shock People with Your Confidence and Humor

 Do you know people that are so funny, they make you laugh so hard you have tears streaming down your face?  And they can be so unabashed and shockingthat they leave you and the rest of the room speechless?...more

I Pee Anywhere

It’s arguably easier for a man to urinate whenever the need arises than a woman. ...more

How To Become Funny

How DOES one become funny? Using the word ‘one’ instead of a normal pronoun that doesn't make one sound as if one has a crown or scepter stuck up one’s butt, is a good start.Once one has begun, one finds it difficult to stop making an obnoxious annoyance of oneself.If you're young, and want to become funny, you're in luck. Young people are naturally funny. This has something to do with hormones....more

Let's Not Call A Period Magical

I know it's here when I can't seem to pry my eyelids open to greet the day. My body has become one with the softness of the sheets and I want to swim like a bed mermaid all day. I look over at Tootsie (the Terrier), I can see it in her eyes - she wants to play the part of the dolphin. I nod in agreement.I never cared for any term to describe my "monthly visitor." Too many of the terms make it seem disgusting - Aunt Flow, on the rag, surf the crimson wave, ride the cotton pony. Hearing the correct term "menstruation" and my body starts to become limp....more

40 Things I Know At Forty

Hi, I'm Cyn. I'm 40 and I'm just getting started.It never ceases to amaze me what different people we are between being 20, 30 and 40. I had always heard that at 40, you are finally at the point where you discover who you really are, what you want in life, how to go about it, and, perhaps most importantly, how little superfluous things and people mean to your life. You realize that the clock on life is ticking and you're not going to waste your energy on those things and people. ...more

The Joy of Napping

Robert Fulghum tells us that he learned everything he needed to know in kindergarten. I can't go all the way with him on #1 – Share everything – especially when it comes to Facebook, but I'm a solid believer in #12 – Take a nap every afternoon. (Well, and #9 – Flush.)...more
Ugh, why are naps so great!? My husband makes fun of me because I almost constantly crave naps!more