Scary-Go-Rounds and Old School PE

Some time ago, we unwrapped the many ways I felt blessed to still be alive—despite my parents’ lackluster effort on that front. Yes, they loved us and fed us and didn’t allow us to drink arsenic, but I think we can all agree there was some iffy judgment on their parts when it came to trampolines, nunchucks and furnace safety....more

How to Turn a Bad Day Into a Good Day

This week I tried a mindfulness-based practice that I've been calling the daily diary of good things. I was looking forward to this one, largely because it didn’t involve actually doing anything other than kicking back and letting the good times roll....more

6 Reasons Why Louie Is TV's Most Boneable Dad

When you think about Louie, the barely fictional character from the show LOUIE, the term ‘sex god’ may not immediately come to mind. It certainly doesn’t come to mind for his love interests. The ones that reject him explain with “My chemistry is telling me you’re a loser”, or just “Suck a dick, son.” Even worse, the ones he does bed complain that “You’re bad at sex” and “You smell weird…like dying.”Yet last season, Louie was a full-on chick magnet. Not only was he was banging bonafide hotties on the regular, but — unlike in previous seasons — not a single one was batshit crazy....more

Spring, Sacrifice and Sarcasm

I’m training for the MORE/SHAPE Women’s Half Marathon next month. I’m focusing on work with an important client, and I’m trying to stay mentally alert.As someone who values exploration, indulging, and who suffers from a case of FOMO so severe that I’m certain that I’ve broken the world record for most birthday parties attended in one day (which might have been five), saying no to fun is not easy for me....more

Mommy's St. Patrick's Day Revenge

As a mother, one of my most important jobs is to teach my children empathy. What better way to do this than to put them in Mommy and Daddy’s shoes for a day? This St. Patrick’s Day, take a page from Mama Tries Blog and devote the day to exacting revenge on your wee ones by giving them a hefty dose of their own medicine - all served with a spoonful of sugar, of course. Mess with their Mealtime...more

Sorry Guys, But Cooking is the WORST.

Your girl AA is on a health kick, y’all. I told you guys I wanted to make some lifestyle changes recently, and I believe in holding yourself accountable and not just talking smack about what you PLAN to do in the future instead of actually doing it.  Like the good ol’ Nike slogan says… [shut the hell up about it]and just do it.  ...more

How NOT to Get Your Kids to Love Nature

Where Have All the Waterbeds Gone?

You don't hear waterbeds discussed much anymore. It seems like they died out with all the old hippies.But there are still a few around. The waterbeds are now called "flotation sleep systems." The old hippies are called "me and my husband." And we have a waterbed.Actually, we've had one for years. Not the same one, you understand. Waterbeds have a shelf life, and this will become readily apparent at some point....more

A Friendly Guide to Facebook's New Reactions

Big news on the social media front, folks!...more

Call an Ambulance: My Boyfriend Has the Sniffles

Last weekend my boyfriend came down with a wicked case of Ebola. Wait, that doesn’t seem right—I feel like I would’ve heard about a Jersey outbreak or I’d remember being forced into quarantine. But if it wasn’t Ebola, then what was it that made him too weak to move as he neared his end and repeatedly reminded me how very gravely ill he was?...more
sum of my pieces You have described exactly what I've been through! I think us women are just ...more