"Stealing" someone's spot: Loathing and loving (?) fitness class characters

  I moseyed into morning Zumba class, hitting a wall of stagnant sweaty air from the previous class (ick)....more

Loving Evil Pinterest

 Pinterest is evil & I love it.I love it so much I spend time there practically every day, even if only a few seconds.I love its cute font and red lettering....more

How I Met Anna and Elsa from Frozen

They say a picture’s worth a 1,000 words.In my case, it’s the story BEHIND the picture that might take 1,000 words....more

The BM* Phenomenon

Has this ever happened to you?You hear a word or you come up with an idea and suddenly that word or idea is EVERYWHERE!**  You think it’s some kind of sign – it must be – because what are the chances that you would come across an article or see something on television that addresses the very point that you were just contemplating!It kept happening to me this past week. Was it the universe answering all of my questions or was it just a coincidence??You decide…...more
This happens to me, frequently, but in bursts.  And your son sounds SO much like my son, by the ...more

Nine Reasons Why My Village (and yours) Should Allow Chickens

My village won't let me have chickens.  It irritates me to no end.See that photo, above?  That's my town.  It is a dozen or so little residential roads and 2 main streets with a grand total of 2 stoplights, both of which are turned off at 11 pm.  This sprawling metropolis takes about 20 minutes to cross, from end to end, on foot....more

Advanced Conversational Spanish

"¿Qué piensa usted del evento en la página cuatro?"...more

The Potty Party. Pity Party, too.

Lilian has been pooping in the potty for a week now. So, I got on the reliable "Babycenter.com" and read up on potty training. I found an article "How to potty train in three days". Heck ya! Thats what we were going to do. Chad and I picked a weekend and dedicated it strickly to potty training. We even blew off the Super Bowl parties....more
It is stressful!  I waited until my daughter was 3 and 2 months and she potty trained ...more

5 Reasons I Take My Kids Out in Public

Once again, I am seeing a lot of posts about kids. Specifically, I'm seeing all sorts of kid hating on Facebook. Like this gem... It seems that this happens every winter, so let's think about that for a second. It's winter. I'll wait because it's winter and we are all suffering some polar vortex cabin fever and all that... oh wait! Moving on. ...more
This is one of those issues where no matter what you do, you're never going to make everybody ...more