5 Things You Learn From Writing a Blog

Write a blog long enough and you'll inevitably learn these 5 lessons. Image: Tran Mau Tri Tam via Unsplash Social media is a great way to network Since I began my blog, I have been on social media nonstop. I can't however, remember more than a couple of times at most in the last week I've been on it just to "browse." ...more
All of these are true - I don't know if the feelings ever end!more

Don't Make Me Over

Don’t Make Me OverJune 20, 2016 jbrescue@gmail.com ...more

Unintentionally Illegal

Sometimes felonies are unintentional, and that makes them okay. I do believe it says that in the constitution. “If an individual does perpetrate a criminal grievance, but does so solely due to the universe being a total douche, said person shall be free from legal retribution.” See, it’s totally in there y’all. Don’t blame me, I didn’t write it....more

17 Thoughts I Have While Shopping For Swimsuits

I live in southern Arizona and it's already starting to warm up – during the summer months we can reach upwards of 120 degrees Fahrenheit. So this means that very soon we will be scheduling as many water-centered activities as we possibly can. This week when I went to pull out last summer’s swimsuit, I realized it was looking bad. Like really bad. Unfortunately, this meant it was time to go swimsuit shopping....more
Till Soil Haha! I think that is what swimsuit shopping should be renamed as. I hereby dub it so ...more

My House Will Never Be Chosen for a Garden Tour

I just threw away an orchid plant I purchased a year ago. Patiently, I had waited for new buds to appear; month after month, I added a couple of ice cubes to the soil, whispered words of encouragement to the remaining leaves, and kept my fingers crossed that beautiful raspberry-tinted flowers would bloom. It never happened so I quit with the ice cubes, scowled at the shriveled up greenery and eventually tossed the thing in the trash....more

How I'm Going to be Super Mom this Summer

I’ve spent some time this month Googling the questions,“What the hell am I suppose to do with my kids all summer?”And, “Besides crafts, what the hell am I suppose to do with my kids all summer?”And finally,“Stop sending me to Pinterest and tell me what the hell I’m suppose to do with these kids all summer!”  ...more

A Letter To My Daughter's First Tooth

I loathe your existence. I mean it. Forgive my language, but you are a son of a b*tch.I thought I had it together. I thought I was doing quite well. I swore I made it out alive. PPD? Not me. Breastfeeding was a breeze. Hell, she even started sleeping through the night at 2 months old.And then you showed up....more

Friday 5

~5 things from the week~ ...more

To the Person Who Stole My Bag

With my phone and credit card and keys.You cost me more than the $5 in cash that was in my bag. Thankfully, the credit card company did not hold me responsible for your $5 charge at Ralphs supermarket and, I later learned, $267 charge at Walgreens, but I still had to get a new phone and change my locks.You also cost me a lot of mental stress. But, that's not difficult to do for a neurotic writer....more
FernRonay He had his phone & rental car keys on him as he walked along beach talking with me ...more