I don't think GOD done it this way - apologies to Hank Williams, Jr.

I am a Russsell Crowe fan and a Bible fan so when I heard about the "Biblical epic" film forthcoming, I was jazzed. So I corralled a friend into going with me.I don't recall the passage where GOD created transformers, do you?Okay, not transformers according to film maker Darren Aronofsky, but 'Watchers' - hulking rock guys (not music makers) that lumber about and even help Noah build the ark....more

Getting Your "Self" Back: Step #6: Pails, Shovels and Buckets

Everyone you know has a bucket list. My husband wants to play at Pebble Beach Golf Course in California. He has been dreaming about it for years. He is finally doing it this year! I want to live in the South of France.  Guess what?  That bucket item is probably not happening.  A friend of mine has a list of ten amazing cities around the world that she absolutely wants to visit before she leaves this earth. She fastidiously peruses her list each month to see if anything is miraculously checked off.  It isn't yet. Maybe some day....more

5 things I hated about the movie Gravity

 Accurate description of Gravity: A 90 minute...more

Hello, You! | VEDA Day one

I'm participating in VEDA (vlog everyday in April) this month! Swing by my channel to see more videos and don't forget to subscribe.....because that would be amazing.  ...more

Vegetable gardening is a bit like gambling in the MW

My approach to vegetable gardening is a bit like gambling.The first warm day is a trigger for some latent instinct to till the soil and grow food. There is a certain satisfaction to firing up the rototiller and turning the sun-warmed soil that first time after a season of sub-zero temperatures. A few feathered friends gather as they search for a juicy worm sitting atop the freshly turned earth. They too look excited for the new season....more

how i know i'm "old"

Thanks for all the sweet and supportive comments on my Monday post about the (vague) crappy crap going on with me right now. You guys are awesome! And even though I have some not so fun stuff going on, I want this blog to not be a debbie downer pity party. So onto the reasons I know I'm "old." ...more

What about Mrs. Sisyphus?

Hello, I’m Mrs. Sisyphus. I’m sure you’ve never heard of me, but everybody’s heard of my good-for-nothing husband, Sisyphus. You know, the deceitful king who Zeus sentenced to push a heavy boulder up a hill only for it to fall back down once he reached the top so he would have to keep pushing it again and again for eternity?...more


After fifteen minutes and cuming at least ten times, I looked at his face.“What’s wrong?” then it hit me. He wanted pain.  I reached over and grabbed the feather whip. I let my legs fall to the bed. Holding the whip in my hand I placed ten solid swipes across his chest. The joy came to his face, but it didn’t seem to be enough. I turned it around to use the handle. This time I hit him twenty times. His chest started to show signs of redness.“Do you want me to stop?” I asked wondering if I was going too far. He shook his head, stuck out his chest and I continued on....more

The Cure to Baby Fever

Remember when I used to have baby fever? I had one of the worst cases and there was nothing anyone could do to lower it. It was such an intense urge that it consumed my life, every second of it. Then I had a baby, and not long after that I had another one and during that time and the years that followed, I have experienced the following: ...more

Midlife Cabernet: Laugh More, Whine Less

Thanks, Denise!more