Discipline Cheat Sheet: A Sweet Little Life Parody

Remember that discipline cheat sheet that was making the rounds on a few parenting websites a couple weeks back? Ah, come on. You remember it. It was the one that made you blow liquid out of your nose as you guffawed with the sheer, breathless audacity of it. Still not ringing a bell? Okay, here it is.Discipline Cheat Sheet as featured on HuffPost Parents...more

How To Properly Fail A Sleep Study


How (not) to Follow a Recipe

For dinner tonight, I made this delicious Chicken and Rice Casserole, which I was excited to try because I love the Campbell's Chicken and Rice bakes but I never have the Cream of Anything soups because I find them visually gross and off putting.So this was perfect!Only, of course, what I ended up making was in no way a Chicken and Rice Casserole....more

What Now?!: When Life Comes Unhinged

That moment when you’ve been singing Rihanna’s “What Now” all day long like your life depends on it and you look to your right and remember that you just picked your kid up from school and she’s looking at you like ...more

Zookeeper or Mom? You Be the Judge

The struggle is real. Just when you feel like you’ve got a handle on this being a mom thing, something changes and you realize this is your circus and those are your monkeys. Public Domain Image via Pixabay. Fear not, moms of the world! Being either a zookeeper (or a mom) is a rewarding job even if some days each job description is weirdly similar. ...more

First Comes Love, Then Comes Armageddon

The first real test of our marriage vows arrived ten months after we said them.It was true love. "Isn't she beautiful?" My husband whispered, over and over again, a tear rolling down his cheek. But I just couldn't see it. Truth is, I wanted to set her on fire....more

Flo Made Me Do It

I’m a relatively private person, but have decided it’s time to share some text exchanges between me and a certain someone I’ve known—and disliked—for years.My disdain for her centers around the unequivocal thoughtlessness at play—but her controlling, bullying ways are equally problematic.She’s a phenomenal fun-ruiner, and a perpetually unwanted third wheel. She loves weekends and traveling—and bullishly inserts herself where, and when, she’s least wanted … and even knows she’s not wanted.Doesn’t stop her. Doesn’t deter her one iota....more

Scary-Go-Rounds and Old School PE

Some time ago, we unwrapped the many ways I felt blessed to still be alive—despite my parents’ lackluster effort on that front. Yes, they loved us and fed us and didn’t allow us to drink arsenic, but I think we can all agree there was some iffy judgment on their parts when it came to trampolines, nunchucks and furnace safety....more

How to Turn a Bad Day Into a Good Day

This week I tried a mindfulness-based practice that I've been calling the daily diary of good things. I was looking forward to this one, largely because it didn’t involve actually doing anything other than kicking back and letting the good times roll....more

6 Reasons Why Louie Is TV's Most Boneable Dad

When you think about Louie, the barely fictional character from the show LOUIE, the term ‘sex god’ may not immediately come to mind. It certainly doesn’t come to mind for his love interests. The ones that reject him explain with “My chemistry is telling me you’re a loser”, or just “Suck a dick, son.” Even worse, the ones he does bed complain that “You’re bad at sex” and “You smell weird…like dying.”Yet last season, Louie was a full-on chick magnet. Not only was he was banging bonafide hotties on the regular, but — unlike in previous seasons — not a single one was batshit crazy....more