Getting the Hubby to "Get it Done"

It seems like every woman I know has the same complaint. They love their husbands but it feels like they have to nag and whine to get anything done. Their husband is all too willing to run over and help a buddy rebuild an engine, but replacing a gasket in the leaking bathroom faucet has been put off for months. It isn’t that their husband doesn’t have any free time; it’s that his free time always seems to be dedicated to other things....more

My Husband and I Got Married With Only 3 Things in Common

I remember friends staring at me in awe when I told them I was getting married at 21 to a guy none of them had even had the time to meet yet. Most of them didn't even know I had a boyfriend. And then the sigh, or scoff. They didn't think they'd ever find someone they'd want to tie that tight of a knot with. How could I have found my special someone so fast? A best friend whom I loved more than anyone else and with whom I was positive I wanted to spend the rest of my existence....more
Those 3 things in common clearly outweighed all the other possible commonalities combined.more

The obligatory love post

Here it is: The obligatory love post for February. Please don’t leave. Or roll your eyes. Or gag....more

5 things you do for your kids that you should do for your husband

 You always hear the saying 'Happy wife, happy life' but what about the husbands? I'm thinking about changing it up to something like 'Happy spouse, happy house'. Okay, it's kind of hokey but my point is that maybe the secret to a happy home isn't a clean house or well behaved children (ok I'm sure both if those would help) but a happy spouse who feels loved and respected, and that includes husbands....more

Your Husband Can’t Read Your Mind

Actually, no one can.  Yet this is one of the biggest myths surrounding romance and marriage . “If he really loves me, he would  know what I want.” How can your husband or boyfriend know that?He didn’t learn it from his mother, who probably behaved the same way you are and didn’t ask for what she wanted or needed either. His father may have been clueless about what his mother wanted for the same reason....more

Giving your guy a break

My husband is a good family man. He takes excellent care of me and our son, and he participates in lots of family activities with us - even when they are no fun for adults. He is the kindest and best of men. ...more

My Man

So this finally will be my first blog. Its been long I opened an account but there wasn't anything so appealing that made my feelings pour out. Today I'm urged by my emotions to note them down. And as I cannot jot them on a paper and make public, BlogHer has ultimately become my rescuer.  The reason is my husband--My crazy love, my madness, my proud possession, my obsession. Today was a very special day for him. First of all to introduce him, he is a gorgeous husband, over possessive lover(which I love the most about him), a good father n now A Well Respected Officer!!...more

Attitude of gratitude: Thankful for my husband

I never liked the idea of a having a list of the things I wanted in a guy. It seemed limiting and impossible that anyone would meet all of those wants. ...more

15 reasons that my husband is like our toddler

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