Making Time for My Husband

Sometime this morning, my husband and I will sit down at our kitchen table with two copies of our Microsoft Outlook calendars and hold a strategic planning session. Although we work together in our business, we will not be talking about client meetings, project reviews, or our business plan – we’ll be planning out who will do what (and when and where we’ll do it) over the weekend. Over the course of the last year, we’ve developed a very business-like approach to our personal lives....more

Angry Tornado

I got pretty upset with my husband the other night.  It is now water under the bridge but I found myself not able to sleep that night and set out to write down my anger and frustrations.  Writing always seems to work for me.  As I contemplated what to write, I started to think about how my anger or hurt wells up almost like the perfect storm.  Varying factors always play a role in how a situation might be handled and how big or bad the weather might end up being.  My anger is never sudden (and of course ALWAYS warranted).  I seem to have to dige...more

My Ex-Husband Is Gay: The Pink Elephant in the Room

Writing whether it is fiction, non-fiction, poetry or prose, the whole point of reading or writing is to tell the truth. Even street signs tell the truth. I have signs that do not lead anywhere because I cannot tell you where to go if I do not tell you where I have been. ...more
You know after living the same story, I just happened to find this blog while searching the ...more

The Great Battle

In our house we have one Great Battle that I suspect will be playing out until we are old and weathered and sleeping in separate rooms at the nursing home: the temperature inside our house. My husband does not want the temperature to go above 68F (20C) and prefers it if it’s closer to 65F (18C)… even on days like the Snowpocalypse. “Put on another sweater” he says, “do jumping jacks” he says....more
@texasebeth As I seem to need to remind people in Houston where I currently live, freezing has a ...more

THE FIRST WAY TO MAKE THE FRIENDSHIP HABIT STICK - Have and inner and outer circle of friends.

  Psychologists tell us that introverts feel drained by being with others while extroverts are energized by them. It would seem reasonable to conclude from this that some of us need many friends and others just a few.  In my experience, this is not true. Regardless on our personality type, every mother needs connection with women on different levels. We need and inner circle of friends and an outer circle of friends, if you will; women who satisfy our longing for intimate emotional connection and others who provide us comfort and affection on a lighter level....more

This man of mine 2

For the past 3 years my husband and I have been talking about, day dreaming, and planning on moving out of california. The job market is just flat out horrible, the schools fail to teach even basic lessons, the pollution, the crime, the list goes on and on. My husband has been out of work for two years now, as I have mentioned before. Also as mentioned before, this has put a huge strain on our relationship. I know how hard it is out there and have spoken to several other ladies at work who have husband in the same situations....more

About 10 weeks ago i wrote a comment for your post This Man of Mine. After that, i stumbled upon ...more

Where is Home?

Thanks for accepting my invite...Christmas for me and my family is over for 2010… Now I am awaiting the what I call it to be " the TWENTY ONE ONE" let’s see how fast that get snatched! You heard it here first don’t forget lol...     As you know I am here in Maryland going on my 6th year I am still getting use to it. Even tho Boston is my birthplace it never quite felt like home, maybe because I was moved around my whole life. Maryland doesn’t feel like home either, tho I have met my Husband here, gave birth to two beautiful and outstanding little girls....more

Wow it must be so much fun traveling...Also thanks so much for taking the time to read as well ...more

I think I hate my husband

I’m in one hell of a predicament. I think I hate my hubby. I know he makes me sick. After we got married things changed. He don’t pick up behind himself. He lets his kids cause damages. I mean these kids have adults arguing over them everyday with their lies cause they hate me. Their mom don’t make matters any better either. His family loves her to death. They will even let her spend the weekends with them. Even how she used to treat him and cheat on him. I’m the one that catches the heat now. He lets them do it. Anyway he thinks I’m some kind of slave. He bosses me around constantly....more

I am The Luckiest

I keep looking at my Christmas card.  I did the layout.  I selected the pictures.  I've seen it 800 times, but I can't stop looking at it.  I keep thinking, "That's my family," and I am stunned.  How did I end up in this amazing situation?  How is it that, most of the time, I am complaining about how hard it is?  Someone close to me recently told me that if all you read were my Facebook status updates then you'd think I was someone who just feels sorry for herself.  Yuck....more

This man of mine

There are some moments when I look at my husband and think, "Wow, he such a sweet and rare man to have." Seriously, my husband would not hurt anyone or anything intentionally. He is a true gentle giant and loves his family with all his big goofy heart. So why is it other times I just want to pack my bags and leave him?...more

I agree with you so much on all those points. The thing is even though in my brain I know these ...more