My husband's other woman...not in the way you think

My husband is sleeping with someone else.  I’ve tried to deny it but I can’t do it anymore. I can no longer turn a blind eye to him sharing our bed with another.  The object of his affections?...more

And He Said He Didn't Do Girl Hair...

When we found out we were expecting a little girl, Evan told me one thing: "I don't do girl hair."Braids, brushing, pigtails - forget it. He was adamant that doing hair was not part of his life skill set.We both always envisioned a little girl with blond pigtails (done by me, of course) when we pictured our daughter. This is what popped into our minds when we thought of a little girl......more

Awful Funny or Funny Awful #letsgetreal

What comes out of my mouth when I'm upset can sometimes be quite funny....more

Valentine's gifts for him under $50

Perfect Valentine's gifts for the man in your life all for under $50.  I found the beer kit on sale at Kmart for $39 on Friday.  I swooped it up because my Hubbie has totally been asking for one.  I had to add the T-Shirt because it just made me laugh and I always give my husband a funny random gift. :) ...more

Jacob, W1

A portrait of my husband once a week, every week for a year....more

Adventures in Marriage and Cooking

My husband is a meat and potatoes kind of guy. However, he has two things that he will not eat. He can't stand onions and tomatoes, so I've had to come up with variations to work around not including these two ingredients that are in most recipes. One day, after I started cooking for him more, I asked what food he had been craving. My husband is such an amazing man and made sure I always got the foods I was craving when I was pregnant with our daughter, Ava. I wanted to do the same for him. He said that it had been years since he had beef stew....more

Putting This Week To Bed

I cannot be the only one...who is relieved that this "holiday" week is over (and isn't afraid to say it).  Between my part time job, shuffling Sonny Boy around, and the hubby off work for two extra days this week, I am ready for it all to go back to normal. Here are some of the highlights (I use the word highlights loosely) from this past week of vacation: ...more

Answer to Your Picture Mystery

The One Lonely Wax StripOk, so I warn you that the answer is a bit gross, but incredibly funny....more

Mr. Fix It Does Not Live Here

I cannot be the only one....whose household is not well equipped for home repairs, short of painting or hanging a picture, we are lost among the tools we have accumulated but don't use (or know how to use).  Thanks to a home warranty this lack of skills for fixing a household problem usually only means waiting it out for a day or two until a repair man can stomp through our house in his work boots, avoiding all the spoken niceties the rest of us feel are necessary, and grumble their way through repairing the problem....more

Baby, Stairs Are Dangerous

I haven’t completely trusted my husband with Bean.  I’ve left them alone together (they look after each other on Saturday and Sunday) but there’s always this little nag in the back of my mind.  What if, what if, what if…it chants, spinning my anxieties and having me imagine the worst possible scenario.  Hubby is easily distracted.  He has a tendency to get sucked into the computer for hours on end....more