My Big Rock

My husband was recently subjected to an upper endoscopy for some stomach problems. It was simple. There was no surgery. But, my emotions tipped the scale of a life or death situation. ...more

Blogging Fears

Feel the fear and do it anyway! What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail and all that jazz!...more

Five Years Gone By

Wow - I can't believe it. Five years ago today, I met The Husband!  I was invited to see a friend's band play at a bar near my apartment and when I got there, The Husband happened to be in the band.  They're a group of five high school friends that just love to get together and create music.We talked all night and the rest is history....more

Good Saturday Morning

One Hubby Down

The Hubby is down and out with his back.  He was washing his truck last week and something just went.  He's in such pain and is moving very slow and crooked!  The doctor is ordering up an MRI which the insurance company, LAST time, would not approve.  This time it is essential to make sure he has not herniated a disc.  He never does not exercise and it has been over a week of him not being able to hardly lift a book.  I hate seeing him in such pain and crookedness.  I certainly hope the doc calls with an appointment soon....more


I know there are different definitions for snorking but for me the definition is The Hubby snoring! The story goes like this:  Several years ago The Hubby had a huge snoring issue, horrible! He reminded me of my father who is the king of snoring and peeling the paint off the walls. He would wake himself up choking, unable to get his breath, wheezing. It was scary. It also seemed that the minute he would set down in his chair in the evenings that a switch was on his butt to click to sleep. He could never stay awake. I feared sleep apnea, which is very unhealthy....more

The "ahem" glamour of air travel

I do not like planes.I do not like them in the airI do not like them on the ground.I do not like them anywhereBut how else can I get around? (my apologies to Dr. Seuss)...more

Nanny Writes A Letter To Janie (Their Eyes Were Watching God)

February Prompt From November's Autumn: Character

He Found His Valentine Groove

1. The Wonder Hub is notoriously hit-or-miss with Valentine's Day.Hit-- A singing telegram, complete with flowers and chocolates, at the doorstep of our fourth floor apartment. (2005, Germany)Miss--A bag of Twizzlers and a shoot 'em up movie. (2006, Las Vegas)Hit--A Charlie Brown Valentine's Day. (2007, Las Vegas)Miss--Never mind. I just can't sell him (completely) down the river. (2003, 2004, 2008, 2010)...more

The Marlboro Man Isn’t My Type.

The Marlboro Man isn’t for me.  He’s the strong and silent type- it might be a romantic image on film, but it doesn’t look like much fun in real life. He probably eats an unhealthy amount of meat, that’s a given. A legendary smoker- no way would I let him in my barn. I doubt we would share the same taste in horses, or anything else. A hug from the Marlboro Man would feel like carrying an arm load of sticks and cans- way too boney for my taste.And wouldn’t the Marlboro Man be looking at me squinty-eyed all the time? Nope, he’s not for me....more