Happy Flipping Valentine's Day

**That title is very much the PG version of what I wanted to call this post... I decided to behave :p**This year, I'd determined that I was not going to let Valentine's Day get me down.  I was doing really, really well with that actually until about 1 pm.  I got slammed with a cold.  I was teaching Grade 2 Drama and my head plugged up, I couldn't finish sentences without sneezing, and the kids were all like "you sound funny!"I know, right?  Funnier than usual, of course ;)...more

Thankful Thursday: Well Again

I cannot be the only one…who has been lucky enough to have made it six years without a cold or flu hitting all the members of our house at one time, that is until the last three days.  Fortunately, this dastardly bug only knocked the Sonny Boy and I out, but it definitely makes for a trying experience when your child and yourself are both sick at the same time....more

Long weekend

There is nothing like a weekend when you and your spouse are ill. You never knew that you could possibly sleep as long as you do, and yet, you are literally down for the count, as it were. Then you have the question of what to eat. Our friend recommended more chicken soup, which there for a while, was a question if we ate it, could we keep it…hah, as if… Our four-legged children are quite understanding getting out whenever we can get them out, and sleeping when we seem to either go down or nap. ...more

I'm Not a Germaphobe, I Am Afraid of Illness

I'm one of those women (mother now) who doesn't use hand sanitizer or worry about germs while in public. I'm one of those women that doesn't wash their kids' hands every chance I get or wipe things down before letting Baby touch or play. If it hasn't been on a visibly nasty floor, then chances are I don't really care if Baby puts it in his mouth....more

Can You Make Peace With Loss?

As I wrote about in Part 1 of my blog series about F. Scott Peck’s book The Road Less Traveled, Are You Disciplined?, Dr. Peck teaches that the first step to emotional maturity and spiritual enlightenment is the ability to discipline oneself. Part of that discipline requires making peace with loss, because along with every rebirth comes death. As the former Cat Stevens sings, “To be what you must, you must give up what you are.”...more

Is There a Doctor in the House?

My little Pumpkin gets sick.  A lot.  I am reassured (?) by my doctor that this is because of all the lovely germs she is exposed to at her child care centre, and not because of defective care on my part, or some obscure, rare, genetic or chronic condition.It doesn’t help much, though.  He told me that, where most infants and toddlers can expect to get one infection every six weeks, childcare babies are more likely to get one in every two weeks.  And Pumpkin is certainly living up to standard....more

Kawasaki Disease : no, its not from riding motorcycles

 So a couple of weeks ago, my 20 month old son came down with a fever.  He was irritable and not easily consoled.  We were thinking a cold, or maybe even that dreaded flu that was just hitting California.  But there were no other symptoms, no runny nose, no coughing, no congestion, nothing.  Just a fever and irritability.  The fever progressed, and got higher, and I was giving him motrin every 6 hours.  After 3 days I finally made a doctors appointment....more

Intimacy during Illness

I have a cold. Another one. When it comes to health, this year has been less than stellar. Mono, bronchitis, colds and flus have been constant companions. I am hoping 2013 is my lucky year because 2012 has certainly wreaked havoc on my system. However, I have learned that illness can increase my connection to my husband. In fact, it’s made our bond very tender…and here are three things that have made us closer....more

How to Be an Amazing Nursemaid

So, I'll come out and admit it, I am a crappy, crappy nurse. I'm just about as caring and sympathetic as a foot, though I try my darn hardest. Ask my husband. It's one of my (few, I'm sure...haha) weaknesses. You know, along with cooking, and cleaning, and parenting, well, anyway, let's just move on.I've been observing my intense failure for several sicknesses now, and I've compiled a list to help you avoid completely losing it when your loved ones are sick....more

#274 Present, Day 14 of 31

I have a cold so this will be a short post.  The first day sucks the most... then it generally gets better.**Views do not reflect any physician group, hospital, or any professional institutions or associations with which I am affiliated.  ...more