Trying to Control Your Life or Business - A Recipe for Stress

When you go out on your own as an entrepreneur it can feel freeing and overwhelming. Yet most of us have an indomitable spirit that no matter what we can take control, make it happen, and succeed. For some that takes the form of being overly controlling (can you say control freak?). It's understandable, right? After all part of why most of us go solo is to have more influence and control over our own success (or lack thereof). So it seems natural that we'd want to control things. This comes at a cost and can ultimately bring you down though. ...more

Origins, Part Deux: The Sequel.

And now on to the next origin of some of my bizarre-to-you phobias:ORIGIN #2: WHY I AM ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED OF THE FUCKING COMMON COLD....more

How to Manage Your Career or Business When Personal Crises Arise

All the business and career advice in the book is great. But, what happens when you're on the path to where you want to go when life intrudes in a major way? Do you stay on the path? Can you do it all? Do you have to give up the dream? I had to walk this very path last year myself and I learned a lot about myself and business in the process. ...more
Thanks for the great advice. My mom is getting older and is beginning to have health problems. I ...more

A Case Of The Undiagnosed

Red ribbons, pink ribbons, purple butterflies, silver ribbons, AIDS walks, LUPUS Awareness Day, Breast Cancer marathons… Everyone has a cause these days. Ever since I tested positive for Lupus, I had to wait an agonizing month to find out a diagnosis. Did I have it or didn’t I? I researched Lupus like crazy all while suffering from a “flare” My right hand and eye was swollen, I felt aches and pains really bad, I was so tired I couldn’t lift the trunk of my car up…let alone open doors for myself. I had to go home tired and confused. ...more

The Day Between Sickness and Wellness

We've been sick here. Very sick. Having lived in a germ-free bubble for the most of the last year means that one of the twins invariably picks up a virus or two whenever we come into contact with the outside world.This time I'm sure the culprit was water day held at the preschool's summer camp....more

The Last Time

Saturday, I had lunch with a couple of girlfriends.  For one, it was a retirement lunch from the job where we first met each other a couple of decades ago. Part of the reason for her reluctant retirement is her health.  She's been told she will be on dialysis by the end of the year.  As a widow, her children don't want her living alone once that process begins.  So she's moving, leaving town to join her daughter's household....more

About a year ago we had breakfast with a friend of ours who was battling cancer. When it was ...more

What do you know about bone marrow donation? Educate yourself, win eco-prizes, save a little girl's life!

I was sent a story about a little girl. A little 10 month old baby girl that was given a devastating blow. A devastating diagnosis that would require a bone marrow transplant from a stranger in order to survive.Kate Boggan...more

Totally sick dude

Ugh, today I have been feeling a bit under the weather, like I am coming down with something. Which is surprising because I haven't had so much as a cold in years. I've got the constitution of an ox, I have. But I don't look like one. Nor do I use my amazing constitution to pull ploughs or hay wagons.  When I woke up this morning all shivery and with a headache, my first thought was 'I don't remember going out last night,' which could have been a bad sign in itself. But after thinking about it a bit more, I did indeed conclude that I didn't go out last night. ...more

To Vaccinate or Not: The Legal Requirements

Brother's Keeper ...more

Mummies Can't Get Sick

This was originally published as a guest post on the excellent parenting blog ...more