Animal Magnetism

Congratulations t...more


Today I hobbled from store to store in a Santa hat, my elderly behaviour contrasting my childlike appearance....more

I think the kid pulled a bluff

Kids are right tinkers they are. At lunchtime today my phone started ringing. I picked up the handset, "Hello?" "Hi, it's Miss Chambers here - Izzy's teacher at school," said the voice at the other end. "Oh hello, what can I do for you?" I asked. "Izzy isn't feeling very well and I was wondering whether you could come and collect her?" asked Miss Chambers. "Yes of course, I can," I replied, before adding, "what's wrong with her?" "I am not entirely sure to be honest, I think she might just be feeling a bit delicate." ...more

How to Keep Your Family From Getting You Sick Over the Holidays

Sitting around the table, it wasn’t just the occasional family drama that made me cringe. It was the fact that my very own relatives were so distracted by the “good eats” that they forgot to take some simple preventive health measures -– things that could have easily prevented the germs from being passed along with the pumpkin pie. While the seasonal flu may not be very prevalent right now, I couldn’t help but think that it’s only a matter of time. While the flu is known to come on as quickly as our post-turkey comas, it’s symptoms are much more severe. Therefore, in an effort to prevent the flu from ruining future family gatherings, I thought I’d share some simple stay-healthy tips. ...more

Calling Dr. Jameson

In honor of the Thanksgiving holiday, and the fact my girlfriend and her husband are coming for the holiday weekend, I raise my glass wishing all a healthy and happy Thanksgiving. And by the way, I have an extra large bottle of Jameson to share with my girlfriend for whatever ails us....more


Are you unhappy? Do you get angry often? Can trivial things upset you? Are you outraged by injustices? Do you find yourself criticizing others' ways of doing things? ...You may be headed for a crash. Don't worry. Noticing these things is a great step toward not only avoiding the crash, but in becoming truly happy. Here are a few women who crashed. These are true examples. I've only changed the names. ...more

Baby Is Sick

Toddlers cry.  A lot.  They tantrum, they yell, they toss themselves on the floor.  They have all of these emotions, and not only do they not understand the effect of emotion on a person, they don't even know what an emotion is.  On top of all of these feelings they have to learn and learn about, they also are still trying to learn language.  This is a recipe for disaster.  This is the cornerstone of the terrible twos.  Almost no parent is a bad parent to a two year old, even when they seem out of control.  Even the wisest among us cannot teach a baby...more

When your child avoids school

Diagnosing the Mystery IllnessOften those pesky symptoms stem from anxiety, but what’s causing that?...more

My dog and I are the same age. Go figure?

I found out recently, that my dog and are the same age.  A couple of weeks ago on our moonlit walk she dug her nose into the grass and a yellow jacket probably bit her- her entire face blew up and she was panting loudly. We called, then drove to our local Vet ER. While she was in the back of the Veterinarian office getting her IV prednisone to reduce the swelling, I sat out in the dark.,quiet waiting room reading all the pet and doggy magazines that existed....more