My Holy Holi At Nandgaon And Barsana

[Before I begin this post, I wish to thank my fellow-traveler, Natty Singh, for generously donating images for this blog-post. I am extremely thankful for all the four images that he has let me use here. His photography is as natty as he himself is. What I like about him is the fact that he could have easily managed an FB-page titled something like 'Natty Photography' with a decent fan following, but instead, he does it only through his personal albums on Facebook. It is refreshing to meet such under-stated people in the era of blatant advertisement.]...more

Dying to live: the gender dimension of child mortality in India

Sharing the voices of Indian women, a new UN Women report details work towards meeting MDG targets and sheds light on the issue of female infanticide, son preference and violence against women. ...more

20 life lessons I learnt living in India

Living in India has its ups and downs. Having lived in India for most of my life, I have learnt some skills. These skills would not have been acquired if I had been elsewhere. ...more

Cafe Anokhi, Jaipur

How-so-ever busy I am on my trip to Jaipur, I never miss visiting Anokhi. It HAS TO be visited. Everytime. Like a ritual. I personally love the collection stocked by their C-Scheme store. It is impossible to come out of the store without buying something/anything....more

Old Manali : Of ‘Rolling Joints’ And Much More…

Manali- A hill-station that I have carefully avoided all my life, even when almost the entire of Delhi treats it like its weekend-getaway. (Or maybe, because  it is so). Until it was totally unavoidable....more

Chhatisgarh: A Place That Gave Me A New Insight To Life

This isn’t a travel-tale in the exact sense of the word.But it did change something in me, forever....more

Varanasi, Off-sighted?

Dear Varanasi,I recently had the opportunity happened to pay you a visit for some work, along with my mother. While the world might rave about how you are the oldest city in the world with amazing ghats, river Ganges- the sacrosanct to Hinduism, your food and filth, to me, what stood out were the people. Who stared. At you. EVERYWHERE.While it can't be said enough about the " Classic Indian Smile-less Stare", but the blokes of Varanasi give you something else, altogether....more

The Sole Passenger: My Train Journey On A Diwali Night.

It is the Diwali night here in India. Friends and extended family are over at our place, celebrating. And I am here, blogging. Sigh!#NaBloPoMoSo here is my account. It is true and it happened two years ago....more

In India, special training and all-women peacekeeping units confront sexual violence

As the UN Security Council prepares for its annual Open Debate on Women, Peace and Security on 18 October, a look at a recent peacekeeper training for officers from 16 countries on how to respond to sexual violence in conflict areas. ...more