20 life lessons I learnt living in India

Living in India has its ups and downs. Having lived in India for most of my life, I have learnt some skills. These skills would not have been acquired if I had been elsewhere. ...more

Cafe Anokhi, Jaipur

How-so-ever busy I am on my trip to Jaipur, I never miss visiting Anokhi. It HAS TO be visited. Everytime. Like a ritual. I personally love the collection stocked by their C-Scheme store. It is impossible to come out of the store without buying something/anything....more

Old Manali : Of ‘Rolling Joints’ And Much More…

Manali- A hill-station that I have carefully avoided all my life, even when almost the entire of Delhi treats it like its weekend-getaway. (Or maybe, because  it is so). Until it was totally unavoidable....more

Chhatisgarh: A Place That Gave Me A New Insight To Life

This isn’t a travel-tale in the exact sense of the word.But it did change something in me, forever....more

Varanasi, Off-sighted?

Dear Varanasi,I recently had the opportunity happened to pay you a visit for some work, along with my mother. While the world might rave about how you are the oldest city in the world with amazing ghats, river Ganges- the sacrosanct to Hinduism, your food and filth, to me, what stood out were the people. Who stared. At you. EVERYWHERE.While it can't be said enough about the " Classic Indian Smile-less Stare", but the blokes of Varanasi give you something else, altogether....more

The Sole Passenger: My Train Journey On A Diwali Night.

It is the Diwali night here in India. Friends and extended family are over at our place, celebrating. And I am here, blogging. Sigh!#NaBloPoMoSo here is my account. It is true and it happened two years ago....more

In India, special training and all-women peacekeeping units confront sexual violence

As the UN Security Council prepares for its annual Open Debate on Women, Peace and Security on 18 October, a look at a recent peacekeeper training for officers from 16 countries on how to respond to sexual violence in conflict areas. ...more

Palpable Suffering: On Being A Woman in Mother India

Thursday marked the point in 2013 that I’ve been out of India for as long as I was in. Two months, give or take a couple days for simplicity’s sake. It’s getting to the point that I am healed from the experience. I’ve had enough time to process that romanticization has crept under the door to my brain. It wasn’t that bad, it whispers. You had an adventure! You saw a tiger! You have many beautiful pictures! You like the clothes you kept!...more

Socially-excluded widows mobilize for their rights

Along with partners, UN Women is working on initiatives to support widows in Guatemala, India and Malawi. To mark International Widows' Day 2013, a look at the work that is currently underway. ...more