Traveling to a Different Country? Here is a List of Mistakes You Should Not Make

Each year millions of people travel to different countries other than their native ones to explore new culture, life and scenery. With the increase of foreign tourists, international travel became comparatively easier and hassle free. Here is a list of mistakes you should avoid while traveling to a different country....more

She builds bridges, schools and delivers results

Mother of three children and a home-maker for more than a decade, few in her sleepy village would have imagined that she would be planning bridges and schools today.  But that is Vandana Bahadur Maida’s life in Khankhandvi, in the populous state of Madhya Pradesh, India. Despite family opposition and cultural norms that define a woman’s place in society, she was elected Head of the village council, the first woman Sarpanch. Her election was path-breaking for the village and  also for Vandana’s family—as she superseded her own husband who used to be a member of the village council but never the elected leader. ...more

My Holy Holi At Nandgaon And Barsana

[Before I begin this post, I wish to thank my fellow-traveler, Natty Singh, for generously donating images for this blog-post. I am extremely thankful for all the four images that he has let me use here. His photography is as natty as he himself is. What I like about him is the fact that he could have easily managed an FB-page titled something like 'Natty Photography' with a decent fan following, but instead, he does it only through his personal albums on Facebook. It is refreshing to meet such under-stated people in the era of blatant advertisement.]...more

Dying to live: the gender dimension of child mortality in India

Sharing the voices of Indian women, a new UN Women report details work towards meeting MDG targets and sheds light on the issue of female infanticide, son preference and violence against women. ...more

20 life lessons I learnt living in India

Living in India has its ups and downs. Having lived in India for most of my life, I have learnt some skills. These skills would not have been acquired if I had been elsewhere. ...more

Cafe Anokhi, Jaipur

How-so-ever busy I am on my trip to Jaipur, I never miss visiting Anokhi. It HAS TO be visited. Everytime. Like a ritual. I personally love the collection stocked by their C-Scheme store. It is impossible to come out of the store without buying something/anything....more

Old Manali : Of ‘Rolling Joints’ And Much More…

Manali- A hill-station that I have carefully avoided all my life, even when almost the entire of Delhi treats it like its weekend-getaway. (Or maybe, because  it is so). Until it was totally unavoidable....more

Chhatisgarh: A Place That Gave Me A New Insight To Life

This isn’t a travel-tale in the exact sense of the word.But it did change something in me, forever....more