Segment 10: The Man in the Truck

Blog DirectorySegment 10: The Man in the Truck I made it appoint to walk behind my brother and sister who walked behind my mother and father under the Georgian crests of the twelve apostles carved into a cement parapet at the roof of our church....more

Segment 9: The Man in the Truck

Blog Directory We walked across the street and to the left of the garage in front of the door where I’d seen a neighbor of J’s come outside onto his front lawn to call his grey Persian cat Perdy to come inside two nights before dinner on a Tuesday....more

Segment 7: The Man in the Truck

Blog Directory The next day I was on the bus and I saw the girl I’d met two days before sitting in the third to the front seat with her short hair tussled and the dye worn down and a pink bag slung over her shoulder. She looked out of character like she’d lost the confidence in feist that I’d seen in her when she was lighting matches in the driveway of her garage and smoking with the band leader in front of her big lawn....more

Segment 5: The Man in the Truck

Blog Directory I walked down Eagles River which was on the shaded side by the golf course where my dad played with his associates and I walked balancing on the curb that was next to the creek and managed not to fall in while at the same time keeping my eye out for the long away neighborhood that I wanted to go down....more

My Planned Parenthood Story: I'm Participating in This Blogging Event Today, and You Can Too!

This post  is cross-posted from my blog,  Build Peace,  which is participating in a blog carnival today organized by two Hoosier-based blogs, What Tami Said and Shakesville in support of Planned Parenthood which  as you know is under siege from Right Wing extremists.  Check out the Blog Carnival here. ...more

Segment 2: The Man in the Truck

Blog Directory I was upstairs surrounded by the woodpaneling that made up his walls and was staring at the open closet door that had an unused hanger hooked to the inside and plenty of shirts slung over it’s doorway. There was a lightbulb on in the middle inside of it and hangers were on the floor besides more shirts, a couple of cracked jewel cases and a worn brown shoe with the back heel sunken in, stuffed with a black ankle sock....more

The Man In the Truck (Short Story)

Blog Directory I was pouring the hot water for the macaroni in the dish sitting in front of Vicky, the little girl, along with her brother, that I was babysitting, when I saw a light flash on across the street in that guy's frontyard. The hot water steamed full until it was almost pouring over when Vicky yelled at me that I wasn't watching. I pulled back up the tea percolator and found her blue cocktail napkins to wipe off the table next to her dish and said I'd only poured a few drops....more


Hi.. Over 4th July2010---spent a quiet time trying to build up start......writing my articles book,poems for publishing. My incredible dream..Will it happen???? That may be the reason for this blog...(hope you keep coming back to find out the end of this reality based adventure)---on BLOGHER--hoping her will give the sanctuery of writing-editng. I may get distracted...with an occassional friend....trying to find life's meaning by going within..I lov cooking...shoping for bargains...even as a guy. It's embarrasing....more