Indianapolis Children's Museum

The Indianapolis Children's Museum is the world's largest museum of its kind and a definite must-see attraction if you have kids. My kids loved everything about it and would like to go back as often as possible. Between the excellent dinosaur exhibit, train displays, indoor carousel and playhouse, National Geographic Treasures of the Earth exhibits, dedicated toddler/preschooler area, and plenty of hands-on science stations, the kids will enjoy hours of educational entertainment. There are always several rotating special exhibits as well....more

What’s So Amazing About the Largest Children’s Museum in the World?

Years ago Parents Magazine featured an article of their top ten children’s museums in the U.S. The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis ranked #1 on the list. (It’s still ranked #1 on their website.) At an impressive 365,000 square feet of gallery space, it’s also the world’s largest children’s museum, giving families plenty of space to roam, unlike other children’s museums....more

Date Night With The Husband

I really do have a husband...although he has only been referenced in my blogs lately and they have not focused on the things that we have done together.  I guess Life Adventures in Indiana has mainly been focused on my adventures as of late and not our adventures. However, in my defense he has been working a lot of overtime, so we have been like two ships passing in the night.  Like I how I passed the blame on to the Husband? ...more
I want more excuses to get dressed up and go out to a fine dinner. It's always worth every bite! ...more

Magnificent Museums: The Indianapolis Children's Museum

Magnificent Museums: The Indianapolis Children's Museum  ...more

A Moving Story

I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio. I'll wait while you offer your condolences. Did you know that Cleveland has fewer sunny days per year than Seattle? Lake Erie makes everything really, really cloudy from Cleveland to probably 40 miles south. It's ridiculous.And, actually, I grew up in a suburb of Cleveland called Parma. If you know anything about Parma, I'm sure you want to offer me further pity. I understand. Some fun(ish) facts about Parma:...more

Isn't that funny? I used to wish I had NOT became a Christian when I was so young (think ...more