Where baby sleeps best

When we brought our son home from the hospital, we made a point of making sure he slept in his own crib in his own room every night. We knew that we didn't want him to sleep in our bedroom, as we reasoned that it would be harder to move him to his own room later on: We weren't worried about him becoming too attached to us, rather we were worried about us becoming too attached to him....more

I'm Against Co-Sleeping and Don't Care What You Think

Parenting rarely works out as planned.  Everyone has an opinion. Especially in the parenting world. I get it. For some reason, when you become a parent, comments start coming your way (or you start throwing them in someone else’s direction) so fiercely that it completely consumes you. Public Domain Image via Pixabay. ...more

Five Things That Blow My Seventh Month Old's Mind

When you slow down and look at the world through your infant’s eyes, you realize that you take the littlest things for granted. Objects that are overlooked and mundane to me, are the most earth-shattering, cause of excitement to my seventh month old:1. TOES. As soon as she gets a hold of them, a squeal of delight is uttered. “OMG what are these wriggly things attached to me!?!?”...more

The best learning time for infants? Just before a nap

Researchers studied how sleep affected learning and memory skills for 216 infants (6-12 months). They went to each baby's house twice within 4-24 hours. The first time, they showed the babies hwo to remove and play with a mitten that was on a hand puppet.The second time, they watched to see if the babies would remember how it works: removing and playing with the mitten.They found that the babies who had a 30-minute nap within 4 hours of learning the mitten task had better memory recall than the babies who hadn't napped. ...more

If your son has delayed language skills, read this

A new study from the University of Cambridge has found that language delays in males often correlate with smaller brain volumes in certain regions. These regions include the temporal lobe, insula and ventral basal ganglia.On the flip side, the study found that men who had delayed language onset as a child had larger brainstem structures than men without the delays....more

Structural proof that "good mothering" hardwires the baby's brain

We've known for a while that neglect is bad for a baby's brain (remember the story about the Romanian orphans who were hardly ever held or touched?) and maternal stimulation is good. But now neuroscientists have used the latest technology to look at the structural changes in infants' brains. They did the study with rats, which have one of the closest resemblence to humans in terms of research. Here's what they found after watching almost 100 hours of video of moms nurturing their pups and comparing it to electric readings of the pups' brains:...more

Make sure you toddler is eating right

My son isn't a toddler, but for any mom who has one, you'll find this information exrtremely helpful.As children transition to table foods, learning how to get well-balanced nutrition is extremely important for healthy growth and development.Award winning pediatrician and bestselling author Dr. Scott Cohen shares some advice when it comes to healthy options for your toddler....more

Pregnancy increases activity in right hemisphere of mother's brain

Can you guess what the right side of your brain controls? Yep. Emotional skills.New research indicates that during pregnancy, we have increased activity in the right side of our brain to make us "more sensitive during childbirth" so we can bond with our child.Apparently, our brain volume shrinks by 4% during pregnancy (but returns to normal after delivery- and I'd argue, after we start getting sleep!) and we have a slight decrease in memory and learning (READ: "Mommy brain is real!") to help prepare us for cognitive benefits once the baby is born....more

Super Mom Closes A Chapter With A Small Defeat And A Big Win

I love that I don't have to worry about packing bottles when I go out, or making one in the middle of the night.I hate wondering if I'm eating enough, drinking enough, consuming too much caffeine, causing her gas, if she's getting enough nutrients, or if she would just freaking cry less if she were drinking formula.I love that I stuck through the rough first 6 weeks and can be proud of myself for that feat....more
formula rocks!  my kids screamed and wanted to feed constantly so i never thought i was making ...more