The Masculine Mystique


Free Positive Thoughts

Free Positive Thoughts  Let’s talk about being positive and grateful for a little bit shall we. With the holidays fast approaching, it only seems appropriate....more

❼ THESE MEXICANS! - Cool Story About Finishing Strong

This is an epic story that I should have shared six months ago. It involves Mexicans, drowning, and dollops of inspiration for you! Perfect for people working on big, hairy, audacious goals. Hope you enjoy! xo ...more

Life is “Brutiful”

Mike Robbins...more

This way for "Inspiration" please ----->

There was this golden time of my life when I didn't look around for inspiration of any sort. (Great! Now I've got you thinking this is a boastful post from a conceited B*&#H. I'm not like that - at least, not anymore - LOL!)  I was supremely confident, content with all aspects of life.  Obviously, that didn't last long.  At least, not long enough for me (and I became human again)....more

Pottery Barn...Stop Stressing Me Out!!

I think the Pottery Barn catalogues that arrive in my mailbox stress me out more than any bill that might be stuffed in there with them.  Is that bizarre?  With each new season’s catalogues, I need to talk myself down from the mountain of an inferior complex I seem to take on. ...more

If I just Take A Minute To Look

Although I have a simple digital camera, these photos capture the glorious colour and drama that exists just above my head.       ...more HA- if you only knew the terrible relationship I have with machines, you ...more

maybe more is not the answer

Follow a nurse as she travels and shares her experiences.  Very inspiring! Beauty & BandaidsKELLY...more