How to Distinguish a New Age Kitchen

Are you indecisive as to whether you prefer a home with a sleek and clean interior design compared to stained and comforting? Depending on your geographic location, the decision may not be much of a challenge. If you are uncertain, this article will help you distinguish and decide between styles that are on opposite sides of the spectrum, and you’ll soon have your unique home!...more

7 Ingredients You Already Own to Create Feng Shui at Home

“Chi Chi” is just one of the many absurd names I call my dog, Ice Cream. “Chi” without my high pitched baby voice and when left unrepeated actually refers to the positive “life breath,” or essentially the energy present in life. Chi runs through the limbs of your body, our Earth, the heavens, your home.“Sha,” however, is the opposite of Chi (or Qi) and is generally negative. Phone lines, highways, canals promote Sha. Chi is more associated with organic or less uniform, curvey shapes. The more Chi your dwelling harbors, the more positive your life’s setting can be....more

Bedroom Chic

Interior Design Blog by Someone Who Isn't An Interior Designer?

Perhaps it's my age - perhaps it's the fact that I listen too much to my mom, but I'm starting to get really interested in prettifying my little room. The idea got me so worked up that I started thinking about starting a new blog about home improvement and interior design.There is, however, one major problem: I know nothing about interior design and DIY projects!I'm thinking of starting a blog that announces local garage sales, great finds with affordable prices, and discounts from different stores that people like me (non-designers) might miss. Good idea or bad idea?...more


I love a good project and sometimes that little project comes out of a can of gold spray paint and a worn bedside table....more

Design Decisions We Love: Sconces on Bookcases

Built-in cabinets have been used in interior design for centuries.  It's a great way to display favorite personal items and treasured accessories, art, etc.  But only until the 20th Century did we have electricity in homes across the nation.  What a better way to display our beloved items in a bookshelf than to highlight them with light?  Have you ever thought to use sconces on bookcases?...more

 OPI & Clark + Kensington Paint: Match Your Nails to Your Walls!

This chic collaboration of nail polish and interior paint will make any room shine. -PJ Gach...more

DIY Bathroom Renovation with Vintage Finds

Image: Mr. CabinetCare...more

Unique Ceiling Designs

I've posted on different ceiling designs, from coffered to cathedral to paneled to beamed ceilings.  Adding another layer of detail to a space can add depth to a room.  There are so many ways to treat a ceiling and there are many material options as well.   We can date back varying ceiling designs back centuries, from the pyramids to monasteries, to todays homes.  We look back to the past for inspiration.  And why not?...more