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Originally published on, June 30, 2016We've now been in our new home for 3 weeks, and it's finally starting to look like a house instead of a pile of boxes in every room! We have not yet painted any walls, but I have Annie Sloan® painted two candlesticks, an advent candle holder, a lamp and an end table. We're really starting to think about what we want to do in each room both long term and short term, and we're starting to feel like we're "home" instead of "in our new house"....more

Lady Lair: A Women’s Personal Sanctuary

                                 Image Source via PinterestWhere do you retreat to when trying to relax? If you’re someone who finds difficulty in escaping from life’s tasks, you might want to think about incorporating the latest design trend into your home - the Lady Lair....more

2 Thaynes Canyon Way: 2 Legit 2 Quit

There are some houses that are fine. Just that, fine. When I walk through them I don’t feel any real connection, it’s all just numbers: is this a good area, is this a good floorplan, is it priced well, could it be rented. And then there are houses that I LOVE and it becomes my duty (heh) to find somebody perfect for that house....more

How to Build Your Dream Home- Part 1

This is Part One in a Series of  How to Build Your Dream Home ...more

A Home Full Of Neutral Tones

A Sneakpeek To A Home Full Of Neutral Tones   ...more

How To Make a Home Decor Plan That Will Save You Money

I took a great class in college called Housing the Family. The object of this class was to learn how to budget everything it takes to furnish a home. For 10 weeks we were assigned to window shop online and create mood boards to decorate every room of a house. By the end of the semester, we had a detailed list of all the items needed to furnish a home from start to finish....more
Nice complications!more

5 Houseplants You Can't Kill

1. Philodendron...more

7 Ingredients You Already Own to Create Feng Shui at Home

“Chi Chi” is just one of the many absurd names I call my dog, Ice Cream. “Chi” without my high pitched baby voice and when left unrepeated actually refers to the positive “life breath,” or essentially the energy present in life. Chi runs through the limbs of your body, our Earth, the heavens, your home.“Sha,” however, is the opposite of Chi (or Qi) and is generally negative. Phone lines, highways, canals promote Sha. Chi is more associated with organic or less uniform, curvey shapes. The more Chi your dwelling harbors, the more positive your life’s setting can be....more