OPI & Clark + Kensington Paint: Match Your Nails to Your Walls!

This chic collaboration of nail polish and interior paint will make any room shine. -PJ Gach...more

DIY Bathroom Renovation with Vintage Finds

Image: Mr. CabinetCare...more

Unique Ceiling Designs

I've posted on different ceiling designs, from coffered to cathedral to paneled to beamed ceilings.  Adding another layer of detail to a space can add depth to a room.  There are so many ways to treat a ceiling and there are many material options as well.   We can date back varying ceiling designs back centuries, from the pyramids to monasteries, to todays homes.  We look back to the past for inspiration.  And why not?...more

It's All About the Details: Chair Rail

Happy first day of May friends!  I cannot believe where the time has gone; it just keeps flying by.  Today I wanted to hone in on another interior detail that can make a room stand out from the rest and that is with a chair rail.  A chair rail can add a sense of refinement and proportion to a room....more

Color Trends: Blue and White

Color combination blue and white is classic and timeless, and has been a color combination that I have always loved and has never gone out of style.  You cannot go wrong!  In the past five years, we have seen a resurgence of the classic color combo blue and white, and at High Point blue and white was very prevalent....more

It's All in the Details: Interior Doors Part 3

Happy April Fools Day friends!  I don't have any pranks to give out to you today, but I am rounding up my 'It's All in the Details: Interior Door' series posts, focusing on the door material selection.  If you missed Part 1 (interior door styles) and Part 2 (interior door types), you can see them here and here....more

Window Dressings

I've never been a purist, preferring to go with the moment and what I have on hand to dress the storefront window. Perhaps it's the theater background which allows me different perspectives. Anyway, there's a purpose to dressing a window. Obviously, one wants to lure potential buyers into the store, but for me it's more than that. I want to create a setting that evokes past memories, a place where one studied or ate or drank, where family gathered ... I want us to remember. And if the setting is unfamiliar, I want us to become curious....more

10 Blogging Take Aways from Design Bloggers Conference 2014

Two weeks ago Christy, represented me at the Design Bloggers Conference in Atlanta.  We have attended the conference for three years now, and this year it was in the Southern city of Atlanta, Georgia.  I want to say a big thank you to Adam Japko and the Digital Sherpa team for providing yet another great conference filled with wonderful like minded peers....more

2014 Interior Design Color Trend: Turquoise

We are all dreaming of warmer weather, and counting the days down for winter to be over.  Are you dreaming of a place that looks similar to this?  A place with turquoise-colored water?  Somewhere in the Caribbean?...more