Why is internet getting slower day by day?

In today’s time, all the users expect the internet to get faster and faster and help in getting services active. But it seems that in the past some time internet is getting a lot slower. Currently, there are many advanced technologies which are being adopted which include fiber cables, 4G, LTE and much more. But in spite of all these works, the experience of browsing is far less than satisfactory....more

How to Find the best Tutorials

How Internet has Changed The Cable Television

Ever since Internet became available through broadband services, it has completely turned things on how we channel video content. If we take a look at how we began getting entertainment content from the Internet then some of us may have to confess to watching downloaded content from pirated sources. There were, of course, a few websites which streamed their original content which was free to watch or given at a subscription....more

I Want To Pull the Plug On Technology But Unfortunately It’s Out Of My Hands

When did technology become such a huge pain? It is convenient and cool, when it actually works. Almost every time I do anything online lately it blips, crashes, isn’t recognized, loses connection, never connects, times out, shows error messages or worse - completes the task but then just disappears. ...more

friday favorites: the internet wins again

It's Friday morning, there's a cool breeze humidity outside, and we've got zero plans ahead for the weekend.  ^^^All those things combined up there make a pretty freaking great Friday, if I do say so myself....more

Is technology turning us into bad people?

Trolls, flamers, keyboard warriors, spammers, online scammers, hackers - these are just some of the many people I don't want to meet online. They do have one thing in common: They all need the internet to do bad things to good people.Is technology really turning us into bad people? Tech is making our lives easier and more convenient, yes, but is it also making it so easy for us to do bad things?...more
I've thought about this before, but you could also argue that technology makes us safer. It's ...more

Do You Remember Your Childhood Phone Number?

How many numbers can we remember anymore? I used to remember mine, my mother’s at work, my father’s at work, my grandmother’s, my best friends, and her other line. ...more


I recently wrote about a tricky situation ...more