Is technology turning us into bad people?

Trolls, flamers, keyboard warriors, spammers, online scammers, hackers - these are just some of the many people I don't want to meet online. They do have one thing in common: They all need the internet to do bad things to good people.Is technology really turning us into bad people? Tech is making our lives easier and more convenient, yes, but is it also making it so easy for us to do bad things?...more

Do You Remember Your Childhood Phone Number?

How many numbers can we remember anymore? I used to remember mine, my mother’s at work, my father’s at work, my grandmother’s, my best friends, and her other line. ...more


I recently wrote about a tricky situation ...more

Creating a Word Cloud

 Image Credit: Myra Faye Turner ...more

Favoriting my Mom's tweets

My Mom is a pretty tech-savvy lady: She runs a brilliant blog, texts and shares photos, and she tweets more often than I do. All of this she learned on her own, and I am incredibly grateful for her willingness to be involved online. In her point of view, she is ready to interact with her grandchildren in whatever form of social media they end up on....more

Online Marketing: Dos and Don’ts

A constantly increasing number of small business owners decide to turn towards the Internet and the online world in the hope of penetrating new markets and of boosting their sales revenue. Although aware the online world is full of still untapped opportunities, not all of them have a clear understanding of what online marketing is and how it works....more


If the Internet is a space where God connects us to each other, are we using it in a way that is honoring of Spirit? Inspiritual: A space for spiritual evolution and transformation...more

How I Became Content Creator for my Kids on the Information Super Highway

 The thing is, the world of the internet is exciting and terrific and mind-blowing and brilliant. It can also be terrifying. My kids got hand-me-down phones that were so worthless, and non-functional that my husband and I had bought new ones for ourselves. Somehow, as soon as they were in our kids' possession, they worked perfectly, and the kids had ipods....more