Job Interviews- how to deal with the tough questions.

Today I had signed up for a webinar on interviewing to help me with my job search. For the first time, I really enjoyed attending the webinar. Mostly, it was due to the active participation of the other members attending the webinar and partly because the topic is interesting, as people face different types of questions when attending an interview and the webinar was about how to deal with such questions and answer them in the best possible way.  One of the participants told us that she was asked how many diapers does the city of Pennsylvania use in a day?...more

the great job hunt: the dreaded resume and application process ...more

Introducing the Soul Work Series

Have you discovered that thing that is uniquely you and radiates your essence into the world? It may be how you make your living, your passion project on the side or that precious dream you wish you had the guts to pursue.  It feels aligned to your soul and brings you the most joy.  Whatever it is, this is your Soul Work and deserves to shine!...more

The SpokenCoast Project: Introduction

Yay! I’m finally getting to my first blog post, officially, on the SpokenCoast Project Official Website Extravaganza. We’ve got thrills, chills, & spills lined up for you, folks. Keep comin’ back to see all the magical mystery mayhem that will be jam packed into this site. You’re gonna love it!...more

Social networking and the self-published author

My first book, A Heart to Mend was published via Authorhouse in December of 2009. Before then, I had started my blog in August and started advance publicity for the book a couple of months later. Setting up an active blog and publishing my book served a double purpose for me; finding out the target audience for my kind of writing and building a platform too. If not for the social networking channels, A Heart to Mend would never have gone viral the way it did....more

Terri Kirby Erickson Poet: Self Publishing Led To Contract With Publisher

  Author and poet Terri Kirby Erickson is a woman, who after becoming an “empty nester” followed her childhood dream....more

Interview with Pamela Ribon, Author and Roller Derby Girl

Pamela Ribon, a fellow former Television Without Pity recapper, is pretty much a rockstar these days. Not only does she pull some sweet television writing gigs, but she's got three books under her belt and is a bad-ass roller derby girl, and, coincidentally, so is the heroine of her newest book, Going in Circles. ...more

I'm putting this book on my summer list!

Jenna Hatfield (more

Top reasons that employers give for accessing, and why they are wrong

Here is a list of the reasons people give for wanting your credit report, and why those reasons are complete bunk.  This list comes from e-how (in bold), and my reasoning is in normal ...more