Love and Loss: Can Marriage Survive the Death of a Child?

This post has taken me a while to finish and here’s why; I have several friends who have lost children to cancer in the last month. One child was the same age as my youngest and that friend and I have been pregnant together for all our kids. That one hit home, still makes it hard to breathe and I wake up every day praying for her and her sweet family. I know Christ is with that family, offering them comfort, His Holy Spirit and lots of extra love during this trying time....more
Wow, what a beautiful post. As someone who has not only lost a child but lost my only child, you ...more

Do This for Better Sex Tonight!

Amazing discovery that I re-made recently. My husband and I have a code. If I say, “What’s your favorite color tonight?” He knows I am asking him what lingerie he wants to see. Of course, I can pick my own, but it’s a fun way for me to get him involved in some mental foreplay....more

Intimacy during Illness

I have a cold. Another one. When it comes to health, this year has been less than stellar. Mono, bronchitis, colds and flus have been constant companions. I am hoping 2013 is my lucky year because 2012 has certainly wreaked havoc on my system. However, I have learned that illness can increase my connection to my husband. In fact, it’s made our bond very tender…and here are three things that have made us closer....more

Three Easy Ways to Steam Up Your Sex Life (In the Shower)

Shower sex. Love it or hate it, it's one of the most common locations for intercourse. Before I tried these three things, shower sex was downright boring. Now, it's one of my faves. Take a look and try one this weekend. You'll be glad you did....more

Getting Along With Each Other

In 1998, Richard and I had a marvelous opportunity to sail around the world as the ballroom dance teachers on a cruise ship. Many of the places we saw then, such as Oman, Jordan, Turkey, Morocco, Indonesia and Israel are in turmoil now, and not as safe for tourists.  Last year, when Palestinian soldiers took refuge in the Church of the Nativity at Bethlehem and were under siege, I marveled that I had stood where they were, and I could picture the place as the news reports came in....more

Being Intimate is a Good Thing (snippet)

I published this post on my Blogger profile. I am only posting a snippet here. Head on over to my Blog and check it out ...more

Friends with Benefits

If you’re thinking about having sex with a friend, be very careful, because it is not easy to preserve a friendship once you have sex. We think we can control our feelings, but it's not so simple.  If one of you becomes romantically attached as a result of the sex, the friendship will probably not survive.If you've done it before, and you know you can keep your feelings in check, you might be successful, but what about your friend?...more

Do You Use the Toilet in Front of Your Spouse?

Does using the toilet in front of your spouse suggest intimacy or is it completely unnecessary? SimplyJune weighs in. Her position: "What on earth is so important that you can not wait a few minutes? What life crisis made talking through the bathroom door unacceptable? What topic is so serious, you don't mind hearing random sound effects? It's just so wrong!" What do you think? ...more
No, I am very private.more

Three Mistakes Women Make During Sex

When the last good night story is read and the kids are safely tucked in you certainly don't want to go behind closed doors and make these mistakes with your man. Read 'em and release 'em! ...more
2nd mistake is done with a purpose. haha... you know what I mean :)more

When You Marry Someone Who Does Not Understand Love! - Part 1

Marriage is for an emotionally mature man and woman who desire to grow  together with a spouse as a life partner!    The age in which one  embarks upon marriage maturity varies greatly!   You can be young and  ready for marriage!  You can also be older and still not be ready for  marriage!   Marriage is about working together to build the ultimate  partnership! It is the ultimate relationship of "oneness!" Marriage is about  growing and learning how to love!...more