The Financial Benefits of Investing in a House

Investing is the act of buying a good or goods that are not going to be used at the moment. The purchases are made in the hope of generating income in the future from them. Investing in a house can be done one of two different ways; building the house from scratch or buying an already built house. There are many financial benefits of investing in a house, however....more

Investment Property: Making the Decision

My husband and I recently decided to move forward with purchasing an investment property. I've been posting about it on but thought I would post the series on Blogher as well.  This is something that I had always wanted to do but have been too scared to.  So follow along with the ups and downs and see how well investing in real estate does for me, or doesn't.  We'll have to see.May 8th, 2013....more

Women in Alternative Investments Are Reaching A Tipping Point!

During 2012 the issue of women became a daily news headline. Debated, discussed and occasionally celebrated. The old issues of women right to abortion resurfaced in political debate. Could women have it all became hot topic with resignation and follow up article from Anne-Marie Slaughter. While employment of Marissa Mayer of Yahoo at late stage of her pregnancy according to her showed “evolving thinking of corporate board members”. Sheryl Sandberg of FaceBook voiced her concern for women and discussed extensively existing cultural barriers....more

Be Careful What You Ask For…

  So you’re in the process of divorcing and it’s time to discuss or mediate a property settlement. Emotions are high and tensions are higher; spite may be present in abundance. Your judgment may be a bit clouded right now.Often the first two reactions are,“I want to stay in the house"and “I want half of his pension.”  ...more

"Lemon-Stock”: America’s Investment in Debt Futures

When I was a kid we had a phrase for stuff that fell apart, or things we bought that turned out to be no good.  “It’s a lemon,” my father would say about a bad used car.  “That thing’s a lemon!” my grandmother would say about a new bike that fell apart.  And the joke was supposed to be on the person who bought the thing, and we laughed—not so supportively—over their foolishness or, when we had done the buying, our own.    ...more

10 Minutes Toward Financial Peace of Mind

We all know that the way to build wealth is to consistently save and “pay yourself first” — making sure to salt away some savings every month.Now, I’m no financial planner, so I’m just talking here about logistics. It seems to me  that a lot of us want to invest but the biggest hurdle is putting the plan in place. So whether it’s $50 a month, $500 or $5000, the trick is setting up the system to automatically invest it....more

Your Money Personality


Guest Post: Your Financial Big Picture: Why Estate Planning is an Investment in Your Family's Future

Background Information I recently noticed this post shared by Danielle G. Van Ess on her Facebook page....more