What Should You Do When You Quit Your Job to Become An Entrepreneur?

9 out of 10 people in the world are running after corporate jobs that offer sweet perks. These 9 to 5 jobs lure you in with lucrative packages and then bind you to 60 hours per week schedules. We won’t deny the unparalleled pays offered by these high brow jobs, but we would definitely like to ask how you are planning on spending the money if you have no time for yourself or your friends and family?...more

Wealthstake: Real Estate Investing.

Do you know what the term "Real Estate Investing" represents? According to  Investopedia.com, this is a process that involves the purchase, ownership, management, rental and/or sale of real estate for profit.  ...more
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Self Invested Personal Pensions Claims (SIPPs Claims), A Market About To Blow

There are an increase in the number of complaints to the financial ombudsman service in the United Kingdom at the moment in response to miss sold SIPPs.What is a miss sold SIPP?A miss sold SIPP is a self invested personal pension that has been miss sold to an individual that has previously held a private pension....more

The Accidental Landlord

Alright, the title is kind of misleading.First, we are not yet landlords.  We are still in the god awful showing of the property and screening out lunatics phase.  We haven’t even gotten to the part where money exchanges hands.  We’re just basically unpaid tour guides in the museum of our lives.  And. It. Is. Awful....more

How to Grow Your Business with Less Investment

Entrepreneurship is the latest trend in today’s time. Everyone wants to display their talent and earn for themselves. We love it when we receive the fruit of our hard work. Investing in a business is a risk in itself; it is not just a full-time job, but it includes a fair amount of financial investment based on the nature of work or services you intend to provide....more

Created to Produce

A conversation with a close friend of mine recently revealed that she felt like her life was just a rotating cycle of work-home-church, over and over again.  Even though we are created to produce, it's pretty easy to fall into this reliable - but not very satisfying  - pattern, but if you're finding yourself here, this is not all that God has for you!  God looked at you and determined that you are valuable, worthy and righteous....more

A Betrayal of Trust

My tenacity is currently being tested with long struggle I have been having in the last 12 months with claiming compensation from an unscrupulous Financial Adviser who mis led me whilst I was living overseas in Thailand as an expatriate.He claimed an expertise in advising on Financial Products and specifically on Overseas Pensions. What ensued was a disaster. For me....more

Who Is Rich?

As kids grow up, they start to ask questions.  Lots of questions.  Some are easier to answer than others.  They constantly challenge you to help define things that in many ways are undefinable, or defined by different people in different ways....more

The Financial Benefits of Investing in a House

Investing is the act of buying a good or goods that are not going to be used at the moment. The purchases are made in the hope of generating income in the future from them. Investing in a house can be done one of two different ways; building the house from scratch or buying an already built house. There are many financial benefits of investing in a house, however....more

Investment Property: Making the Decision

My husband and I recently decided to move forward with purchasing an investment property. I've been posting about it on theripplesaffect.blogspot.com but thought I would post the series on Blogher as well.  This is something that I had always wanted to do but have been too scared to.  So follow along with the ups and downs and see how well investing in real estate does for me, or doesn't.  We'll have to see.May 8th, 2013....more