Crock Pot Iowa Maid-Rites

Loose Meat Sandwich.If you know what this is, you must be from the Midwest.  Here in Iowa there is nothing quite like a loose meat sandwich, or Maid-Rite, as many of us grew up calling them.  This delicious sandwich with meat messily spilling over the edges of the bun is a staple for many Iowan meals....more
there used to be one Maid-Rite in Grinnell--is it still there?more

And Then There Were Five

My household is shrinking. Once bursting with seven of us, we're now down to five. While I'm loving the new-found elbow room, ever-present car keys, and slightly lower grocery bills, I do miss my two college-bound boys. Relatively close by, our oldest opted to stay at his university for the summer, taking classes and working. This week, we moved our second son into his dorm on a campus far, far away. Continued......more

'Til Death Do Us Part

They lived together, they loved together. And after four children and 72 years of marriage, the two passed on holding hands. This is Norma and Gordon Yeager's remarkable story of love in a time when few people seem to understand what it means to say "til death do us part." ...more
I wrote a small blurb about this too (, isn't it just an amazing story?! ...more

From the Left: Recap & Reflections on Republican Primary Debate #3

When I wrote about June's New Hampshire debate, I wrote that answering the question of what I want in a candidate has two parts: first, the policy part, and second, the competency part. Neither takes precedence over the other in any absolute way, but I defined the competency piece as going " overall experience, dedication, integrity, sincerity, thoughtfulness, consistency and respect for all voters, not just the ones that will vote you in, once you are in office."...more

I'm all over the place today (because of my mom)

Blog Directory My mom is driving me all over the place today so I've tacked on a map all the places I'd rather be than her nagging me about my hair getting in my way, about me not wearing make-up, for slouching, for fore-going any dates and falling asleep before nine pm....more

Celebrating the Red, White and Blue: Be Prepared to Follow the Law

The Rocket's Red Glare   ...more