In the words of Suaad Allami: The plight of Iraqi women refugees

Cross-posted from UN Women ...more

Endless War and Women

An overt political rant is simmering within me.  As some of you know, I spent a good chunk of my life, resources, and precious time when my daughter was in her teen years doing peace work.  I joined with CodePink Women for Peace in February of 2003 in the streets of DC and last worked with them in DC in October of 2010.  Seven years of my life were spent countering the deceit that the Bush administration promulgated to justify waging war on Iraq.  All the information that has "come out" in the last many years  was known in 2002....more

With some electoral gains in Iraq, women candidates work towards change

Amid violence-fraught local and regional elections, in which 14 candidates were killed, 300 women contenders were trained by UN Women and the Iraq Foundation. Many emerged successful and thanks to a quota law, women will probably hold 26 per cent of seats on local councils across Iraq. ...more

Memorial Day

Okay, so Memorial Day itself doesn't actually make me angry. Quite the opposite in fact as I deeply believe our veterans need and deserve their day of honor and remembrance....more

Dept. of Defense awards $2 million to study brain training for TBI know, it's a START. But I actually think that:A) $2 million is not very much money at all for something that is so common among our returning soldiersB) this money would be better spent on in-person brain training, not Internet-based training. But, anything that can help these troops is a step in the right direction. ...more

Tricare won't pay for TBI therapy for troops!

As someone whose husband is currently in Afghanistan, I will say that I am angry, sad and embarrassed by this. How can we send our soldiers into a war and then not pay for the most common, life-changing injury they sustain?...more

I'm not surprised. Tricare is in business to make money, just like other insurers. ...more

War-Torn Women Warriors: What are they like? Like you and me.

Nearly every culture associates men and masculinity with leadership, fighting for one’s rights, and even gun ownership. So what does it mean when women are warriors and heroes? Women warriors?  The words fly in the face of typical descriptions of women who are often portrayed as relatively helpless and in need of a man or the government to survive. Women heroes?...more

My Brother Is in the Army, and I Am His Next of Kin

If something happens to B., mine is the number they'll call. A car will pull up in front of my house, an officer in Army green will step out and walk up my driveway and ring my doorbell. My world is the one that will tip on its axis first. I will have to call B's girlfriend, his aunts and uncles. His grandparents. Our parents. ...more

Judy - Amen!