Muhammad (pbuh) Was a Feminist.

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Living with less

I always had the impression that I was pretty good at spring-cleaning. Never had any qualms about throwing away bags full of the old papers and pamphlets, conference materials, note pads from previous work interviews, and business cards that had somehow accumulated in the drawers of my nightstands....more

Al-Ghazali’s lessons on patience

 “Truly, God grants breezes in the days of your life....more

In loving memory

One of my favourite pastimes while visiting British Columbia during my summer holiday is taking morning strolls down the meandering gravel trail that stretches alongside the Fraser River situated about 10 minutes from our house in Richmond, a suburb of Vancouver, Canada. A walk along the pathway in the early morning isn't particularly elaborate; its beauty is much more unassuming and steeped in nostalgia....more

More Political Expediency

 Barack Obama’s announcement this week that his evolution on the subject of same-sex-marriage has come to an end, has upended the rampant speculation among some that Obama is a closet Muslim. The President supports gay marriage, ergo, he cannot be a Muslim. ...more

Remembering my quirky uncle

“What can you do when you live in a zoo?” My sister sent this phrase to me in a text message today, reminding me of a line one of my uncles would often say to make light of life’s ups and downs. Never take anything too seriously always seemed to be the philosophy which guided his life, for better or – as was often the case – for worse. My sisters and I exchanged memories of our maternal uncle Adel throughout the afternoon after learning this morning that he had passed away (الله يرحمه/God rest his soul)....more

Muslims and Capoeira

This post was originally on my site: All Around Ana It’s interesting how much/little we at different times  have to defend/validate/define our actions. I suppose the good in it is that we are constantly renewing and reevaluating our intentions for the things we choose to commit to. Our actions are always in question and that has it’s benefits....more

The oppositional Q - or -only Allah is perfect

My very own "oppositional Q" in an embroidery sampler, made when I was 8 years old, in 1977 It was midnight, I couldn't sleep, and cleaning out my closet seemed like a very good idea for what to do with myself. At the back of the closet, I found a set of framed photos, silk-screened prints and paintings that had never made it onto the walls of our home - and I also found an alphabet-themed sewing sampler, completed by me at the age of eight....more

I’ll Remember, Insha’Allah

The other day I scheduled a long-overdue appointment for a dental cleaning. I had called a few days in advance and arranged for an early-morning slot so that I could arrive in the office before the workload got too heavy....more
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