Write There.

"WHERE DO YOU LIKE TO WRITE?I've decided to be kinda specific about the answer.Where is "here?""Here" is in Maine.  And I'm not "there" enough for my liking. Because when you are THERE and you look to the right you see This....more

How to get on (and off) an island in one piece

Ferry, car, shuttle bus, plane, and oh yeah, my least favorite.....on foot. A day in the life of an island girl is not so easy nor glamorous. Bummer....more

July 6th 1993 – The Giant Clam Farm

My Dream: Me and Ethan were walking around a city hanging out. At one point he left, and when I found him I grabbed his collar and told him, “you’ve screwed me over twice now – never do it again!” And I screamed this! Then we went and checked out these huge markets! When I was checking out this one stand, I grabbed this shirt that was woven and pretty see through. I tried it on. Then I went back and found Ethan leaving my clothes at the stall. When I found Ethan, he was in the yard of a huge mansion talking to Andrew McCarthy....more

Carnival on the Italian island of Sardinia

Beautiful pictures - This is Sa Sartiglia in the town of Oristano, in Sardinia. A folk carnival that it’s been going for more than 500 years! (read more)from elenasc.wordpress.com...more

put the lime in the coconut

I'm not sure what you're planning on doing this weekend, but I do know this. Whatever it is, it will be exponentially better if you do it {before, during, or after} drinking these frozen cocktails of perfection....more