A Mother's Decision for Israelis and Palestinians to Work Together for Peace

Sitting here in the shelter in my building in Tel-Aviv,  with the sirens wailing in the background -  boom, boom, boom, boom.   The Iron Dome just knocked out four rockets.  I shudder at the prospect of what would have happened if they had landed near my house....more
Exactly this is my thoughts too. More killing will not bring back the dead. A peace agreement ...more

Romney's Europe and Israel Trip Exposes Obama's Foreign Policy

On Monday, I received an intriguing notice from the Mitt Romney camp that the candidate would begin a two-week trip abroad this week to England, Israel and Poland just as many trail-watchers figured a VP announcement was imminent. Just as I was about to dig into the history of foreign trips for presidential candidates, I received another notice that the president's campaign staff planned a media call at 11:15 a.m. EST....more
@Violina23 Status: It's complicated.more

Weight Gain Mandatory For Israeli Models? What A Concept!

In light of the recent Ashley Judd article regarding body image, I thought it would be interesting to write about body image as it relates to the modeling industry and how it has affected the lives of young girls and how they perceive themselves because of it. Growing up in a country where being thin was considered the norm and anything more was subject to criticism, I would not realize the impact of this perception until I had a daughter myself.  ...more
@@BehavioralChild thank you for your comments and I do agree that it is a slippery slope once ...more


Barbara Goldberg, barbaragoldberg.netScorched by the Sun: Poems by Moshe Dor (The Word Works, 2012) is hot.  Poems taste, breathe and smell like Israel.  All that's missing is the hummus....more


On Monday, Israel put into effect a law regulating the use of extremely thin models within the Israeli fashion industry. The law bans fashion houses and advertisers from using models with a BMI less than the World Health Organization standard of normal (18.5). Models must provide a medical report no less than 3 months old at every shoot or fashion show stating she is not malnourished. The law also forces advertisers to put a disclaimer on any image that has been edited or altered in way which makes a model appear thinner so that young girls and women will know the image is not realistic....more


by Resa LaRu Kirkland ...more

Pork-Flavored Poultry: The Kosher Breakthrough of the Millenium

image via Bang it OutKosher Pork. It's like the Jewish version of the Holy Grail....more

Gilad Shalit comes home!!

After five long years in a Palestinian prison, Gilad Shalit was released and flew home to his family today!! I have had Gilad's photograph on my refrigerator gallery, along with other people I love and cherish,since he was first captured. Our family has prayed for his protection and release relentlessly. This is a day of miraculously answered prayers!!...more

President Obama's Opposing UN Speeches: 2010 vs 2011

 I listened to President Obama’s address to the UN September 21, 2011. Overall he thinks the world is doing rather well, democracy is breaking out. He did not address the potential financial tsunami headed for Greece and by proxy the rest of us....more