I May Have Had a Bad Childhood

I may have had a bad childhood.  Let me be clear, I was never beaten.  I came from a good home with good parents.  I say this because I don't remember much from birth to about ten.  Even then, it's just bits and pieces, walking to school, a family trip out East, fragments.  In grade school I became the joker, the class clown.  I had bullies, male and female but I never told my parents.  In those days, the 70's and 80's parents were still authority figures, to be feared....more

What Are the Most Contentious Issues in the Mom Blogosphere?

BlogHer.com has blogs for every content category -- including Food, Entertainment, and News & Politics. But few of them ever seem to generate more comments than the Family topics, both in terms of volume and passion. Mom bloggers are perhaps the most opinionated folks online, and they are not at all shy about letting others know how they feel about the most important job in the world -- motherhood....more
@_workingmother_ Competition. Lack of Time. Lack of originality = Redundant posts.more


The other day a friend shared an image on Facebook - you know, one of those memes that eventually makes its way into everyone's newsfeed - about a current contentious issue, which, predictably, set off a firestorm of comments among the people on her friends list. I'll admit it: I lurked. ...more

Perfect Imperfections

Uncovering the truth in my relationship has not taken out all the kinks in the relationship. My boyfriend and I are finally unafraid to love ,but that doesn’t mean we magically have a perfect, harmonious relationship. ...more

'WHAT SUCKS THE TIME' by Tracey Jackson

WHAT SUCKS THE TIME?by Tracey Jackson After Monday’s blog about always feeling ten minutes behind I decided I need to try and figure out how a Container Store obsessed, list making fool,  deadline beating person such as myself always feels rushed, and in need of at least ten more minutes....more

I am Relationship.

 'I don't think we should date anymore'. Stop. I want you to stop and think for a moment about your first break-up. Who knows how long you were in that dark place or if you're even out. I thought I was far from the days of listening to 'Tears on my Pillow', myself. So, I'm 28 and dating. If you're older you're probably thinking, 'You still have time' and if you're younger you'd start off with, 'You're not that old, you still have time'. My first break-up (gulp) I found out that my boyfriend was dating another woman on Myspace....more

Curious George's Feeding Trick of the Day

I've just spent the last 20 minutes feeding my son a grilled cheese sandwich. He has serious food texture issues and treats any new food like dog poop (not uncommon for most toddlers, just more severe for SID and SDD kids). As I write this, I've managed to slip him about 3/4 of a grilled cheese on sprouted whole grain bread so far, thanks to Curious George and the pause button on my remote....more

30 Awesome Women Making History

March is Women's History Month. March 8 is International Women's Day. March is also March Madness, but I believe that the use of the word "madness" in a month dedicated to women is unintentional. Right? ...more

It's so important to have inspiration like this... especially when facing situations where ...more

BlogHer's Wall of Shame and Wall of Fame: February 2, 2010


And that they're clickable, even better.

Nordette ...more

The Resistance: Why Writing About Sex Matters

By telling our stories, we liberate others to do the same. That is the nature of the story. Our voices, in this space, grant permission to others to accept their sexuality, to explore their bodies, to reflect on their own desires and share in their experience. Together, our baby steps carve a direction from isolated ignorance to open discussion, community and learning. ...more

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