Its all coming back to me...if I want it to or not!

For a few weeks now I've had an itch. An itch to make jewelry again. I stopped earlier this year to put all my focus on my crochet business. I don't regret that, I love to crochet....more
My first post to BlogHer. :)more

Sharing Your Faith

Little anxious about sharing your faith? Have a Faith Sharing Party! Invite friends over to share their faith with guests of the group. Share your testimony - Mission accomplished!Sharing your faith in the days we live in can be a touchy task.  So you have been to parties for just about everything,  why not have a Faith Sharing Party that allows each guest to bring a guest for a special prize drawing!  It makes it so easy to share your faith and testimony with others in a fun encouraging environment.  ...more

Tassel Leather Necklace // DIY

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What is on Your Jeweler's Bench Wednesday


Working Towards a Goal

Fabulously Crafty Day of the Dead Necklace

I have seriously crafty friends. My pals Cathie and Steve just came out with a jewelry line called Jewel Pop Shop. Cathie is one of our very own BlogHer bloggers! My other friend (and past BlogHer DIY Editor) Kathy Cano-Murillo recently launched a new product line through her brand The Crafty Chica. Kathy specializes in Day of the Dead imagery, so a Dia de Los Muertos-themed Jewel Pop Shop necklace seemed perfect! ...more
Awesome post, and I shared it with my readers: ...more

Chasing The Good Life

Attaining the good life... can it be boiled down into a formula?  Many say it is the intersection of 4 things: Health, Wealth, Love and Happiness....more

Small things- that make me happy

Have you been noticing, as you get older, the small day to day details through out the years are what sticks? Quiet time on the porch with your daughter reading, the way the sun comes through that window, when he makes Sunday breakfast,  hearing your child explain to their friend something you taught them or walking out the front door breathing in the season are just a handful of mine :) :) ...more

News from the Bench- Bracelets for Local Songwriters Titchner-Scott

 Bekki and Mark Titchner, of Titchner-Scott, commissioned two cuffs from SDAJ stamped with not a mantra, verse or quote but, a song line and title track,  In dreaming I need nothing, from their upcoming album, I Dream...more