The Best Jobs for College Students

I didn’t have a job my first semester of college. I lived the quintessential college life of going to class, going to parties, studying, and napping. Was it awesome? Yes. Was I broke? I sure as hell was. By the time my second semester rolled around, it became clear that I was going to need a job. My second semester, I had been offered a job coaching soccer at my high school. So I lived at home, commuted an hour to school three days per week, and worked three jobs. I coached soccer, I bartended, and I worked at a gas station. That was stupid....more

Why I Turned Down a Job Today

The original plan was never for me to be a stay at home mom.  When I quit my job in November, I intended to enjoy the holidays at home with my family and immediately begin looking for new employment after New Years....more

Learning To Leap {Jobs}

Leaping is not something that’s easily attainable for those of us that move out of fear, trepidation, or paralysis. It’s hard to coax our bodies to move forward when our minds want to do anything and everything but just that. It’s hard when the thing ahead of you is the unknown. It’s hard when it’s something you’ve never experienced before or aren’t sure of the end result. But that’s life....more

Soft Skills Matter

We’ve been hearing a lot about the “skills gap” lately, where employers have a tough time finding qualified candidates even as a sizeable number of unemployed people struggle to find jobs. Now the debate has moved on to look at “hard” and “soft” skills....more

How to write a professional CV?

 A professional CV is the magical tool which helps you to win a position. Write the CV very carefully as the lawyer writes a brief of a case to be presented on court. If you’re not good in writing CV, it’s good to seek expert opinion from a consultant or expert. In order to write a quality CV the following information should be presented:Education...more
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Why I Don't Feel Guilt as a Working Mom

As women and as mothers, we naturally carry guilt. Some more so than others maybe, but we all do it. At one time or another, we all have something that creeps up into our lives to make us feel guilty as parents. My biggest battle with guilt comes in the form of being a working mom. While I enjoy working and wouldn’t have it any other way, from time to time I have this little voice in the back of my head that says, “You should be making the sacrifices necessary to stay at home with your child.” That little voice isn’t always so nice....more
SeeMomWork Thank you, Elle! I appreciate you reading and your thoughts. And I agree - some of us ...more

Fashion Blogger/Social Media Intern

Start-Up Jewelry Brand looking for regular contributors! Blogger & Social Media Intern Job DescriptionOverall Job Description: The blogging intern at THIS CLIENT will be instrumental in increasing the content on our website and on other websites.Responsibilities include the following:...more

Taking a Chance and Learning to Live

I have never been a big fan of taking risks. They always seemed a bit unnecessary to me. I have always been quite content to live life with my feet planted firmly on the ground, my ass firmly in a chair and only my head in the clouds. But then something happened. I realized I was miserable. ...more

Who Would You Rather Work For: Apple or McDonald's?

logo mashup via Perfect Image Group ...more

I am an idiot, Issue 9: Resumes

As you may or may not know, I am trying to be a writer. Some would argue that because I write at all, I am already a writer. I’m not so sure about that, so we’ll call what I’m doing “trying” to be a writer. I am like a larva: newly hatched, wingless, and worm-like. I hope to one day become a pupa, because there are a lot of good jokes I could make with that name. ...more