Taking a Chance and Learning to Live

I have never been a big fan of taking risks. They always seemed a bit unnecessary to me. I have always been quite content to live life with my feet planted firmly on the ground, my ass firmly in a chair and only my head in the clouds. But then something happened. I realized I was miserable. ...more

5 Invaluable Tips for Finding a Great Tech Job in 2014

Tech jobs have been on the rise for decades, and the opportunities continue to increase. But not just anybody is going to give you a job in tech. You have to want it and to work for it; however, it also helps to know a few tips on how to get into the industry. That's where this article comes in. If you're looking for a job in the technology industry, check out some of these tips....more

Who Would You Rather Work For: Apple or McDonald's?

logo mashup via Perfect Image Group ...more

I am an idiot, Issue 9: Resumes

As you may or may not know, I am trying to be a writer. Some would argue that because I write at all, I am already a writer. I’m not so sure about that, so we’ll call what I’m doing “trying” to be a writer. I am like a larva: newly hatched, wingless, and worm-like. I hope to one day become a pupa, because there are a lot of good jokes I could make with that name. ...more

Interview: Lisa Jackson, Former Head of EPA

Lisa Jackson recently retired as America’s top environmental CEO. For four years, she was the Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, a job that put her right in the middle of the nation’s most important and high-profile environmental controversies. (She was also the first African-American to hold that position.)...more

Territorial Educators of Young Children - Conduct of career and remuneration

CareerEducators of young children are likely during their careers benefit from advancement to the rank of principal educator of young children and the rank of chief educator of young children. Subject to the existence of a vacancy, the appointment to a higher grade is decided by the territorial authority, after registration on a table Annual Progress established by order of merit after consultation with the Joint Administrative Committee, either choice after professional examination and in accordance with the quota rule. ...more

Hilex Poly: Plastic Bag Exec Speaks to Debate

To the average consumer, Hilex Poly, a manufacturer and recycler of plastic bags and other products, is relatively unknown, but to anti-plastic activists, the company is generally loathed. Their lawsuit against Chico Bags, makers of reusable bags, did not help....more
What continues to confound me is that we're arguing about dismally low numbers in terms of ...more

Is Work Enjoyable?

If you hate your job, then you need to make a change....more

AMERICA, And the Reality of My So-Called “American Dream”

I want to begin by saying that though I wasn’t born here I am proud to be an American. I was merely eight-years-old when I first came to this country, a foreigner, born in Managua, Nicaragua. And though I was just a young child, I can remember hearing many wonderful things about this great nation. America is the land of opportunity! But America has let me down....more
It is SO important for us to put our concerns into action by voting! And, together through thick ...more

Women Who Worked with Mitt- on the road in North Carolina - posted by Renee Fry:

September 28: Cindy Gillespie, Ellen Herzfelder and I were in NC yesterday with Carly Fiorina, former CEO of HP.  We had a GREAT crowd of women there to learn more about Mitt....more