The Baritone

With my son Louis in the 6th grade, and my little girl Ferne in the 3rd grade, the start of a new school year brings new school subjects our way including those with interesting new musical instruments. Louis was tasked with playing the baritone. I wasn’t actually convinced that a baritone was a musical instrument until he proved it to me by Googling it online. ...more

By the Light of the Moon

She was tired and stressed and apparently mad. She was out of control and unable to collect herself. My eight year old girl, Ferne was beside herself simply because it was already 8:55 p.m. and she still had so much to do: study for her French spelling test, read, and write in her journal. Yes, of course she has a journal; she's my daughter after all! With a note of anxiety, she blamed me for having the time slip by, and claimed that she hated herself because of not being ready for the spelling test....more

Manifesting Your Man

I couldn’t get rid of it. I was churning and burning, playing and replaying, and beating myself up. I could not get over the fact that I had left one of the kids behind on the streets of downtown Toronto the night of my son’s 12th birthday party. The conversation repeated itself over and over in my thoughts, “How could I be so reckless?” I kept asking myself. “What kind of mother am I? What I've done is unforgivable. His mother won't ever trust me with her son again.” ...more

Spiral Notebook Sunday: Monday, December 27, 2004

In this Sunday's offering, I ramble about some of the lingering effects of a childhood of Army Bratdom. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Monday, December 27, 2004...more

What Is Contrast For?

I often think about balance between two dimensions; the balance between order and chaos, the balance between full and sparse, and the balance between routine and variety. What is much better? Which extreme would I rather lean toward? What’s my natural tendency and does it help me? Allow me to provide you several examples… Is it even better to go to the same favorite restaurant again and again, knowing exactly what you are going to get or is it best to consider a new one every time, without any assurance of exactly what you will order? ...more

He Told Oprah About Me…

I admit it; I really love Oprah. She is my mentor at a distance, a legend, a measuring stick of business effectiveness and good karma. Yes, it has been my dream to be on the Oprah show. If you’re going to dream, dream big! ...more

The Write Stuff

This morning

This morning I called Person to Person, the social services program that my state social worker recommended  to me. I left a message. They were under staffed because the offices on the bottom floor of their building were getting painted and had to be closed. As soon as they told me they were under staffed I asked if they were hiring. Talk about ambitious. But I really have to be. I have to be looking for job opportunities. That's when they told me about their new painting renovations and informed me they were all volunteers. Oops. That kinda made me feel stupid....more


I'm back in the big, bad, Mermaid Clad mogul! Thank God for it; no public library is open at 8 p.m. (at least not in CT). So, our bellies are full!!!! Yeay! My son is having a sleep over with his friend this evening so he doesn't have to be crunched in bed with mom tonight. I'm still not sure I'm going to have a bed tonight, but we've discussed this. As long as my son has a bed it's cool. Shelby and I love the car. I still want to do a camping trip. A friend of mine told me about a free campsite in NY state, about 50 minutes from here's definitely an option....more

GOOOOOD MORNING!!!! Goood Morning!!! This song is what I woke up to this morning,... in my head. It keeps playing over and over: "It's not about the money  money  money... not about the price tag...  just wanna make the world dance..." -Wonder why? LOL......more