Journalism isn't's a zombie.

My mom just sent me an email that listed journalism as one of the worst three jobs. Ever. Like, there's no quantifier in there. Just one of the worst three jobs. This is by Daily Briefing, who uses Bureau of Labor statistics and runs them through a snazzy algorithm, weighing stuff like satisfaction, health risk, stress levels, etc.You know what the other two worst jobs are, guys?Enlisted military and lumberjacks....more

The Hidden War Against Female Journalists in Sudan

  Amal Habbani, one of Sudan's leading female journalists, has 12 years of experience and a master's degree, but she can't find a job.  "I remember that day very well. I went to work on the 9th of March and I was told that I was suspended for being an activist," said Habbani.  ...more
Brilliant Article. Its such a shame women get targeted for expressing their views and if a man ...more

Are Bloggers Journalists? Should They Get to Use Shield Laws? (Updated)

UPDATE: The New Jersey Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that blogger Shellee Hale's comments on a message board are not protected under shield laws and she must reveal her sources. ...more

As a young woman I was a newspaper reporter - I worked for two different papers (different times ...more