Interfaith Matters

According to most definitions, I’m not in an interfaith marriage.  I’ve converted to Judaism, and it’s the only religion practiced in our home.  We are a religious family, as well as spiritual (and I think there is a difference).   We come from different backgrounds, my husband and I.  On almost every level, we’re total opposites, in terms of history.  His parents have been married for fifty years, I grew up in a single parent family with an absentee dad.  He grew up as an enthusiastic, practicing Jew....more

Purim: Feminism, drunkenness, cookies

This piece originally appeared at Kim's Kitchen Sink (my blog).The wonderful Jewish holiday of Purim is on today! It's one of my favorites, so I thought I'd share a little bit about it. Big thanks to my girl Stephanie Nudelman out in NYC for being my "second pair of Jew eyes" to proofread this for typos and accuracy....more

Yom HaShoah

Yom HaShoah starts on Sunday night and ends on Monday at sundown.I haven’t taught the kids about the Holocaust yet.  Other than in the most general of terms – they know about WWII, and they know that Hitler and the Nazis were terrible, terrible people, and they did awful things to the Jews.  They even know that a lot of Jewish people died during the war, and that’s part of why Jews are such a minority....more

"And vat should I vant?"

When I decided to take on the 30-Day Jewish Challenge, it sounded so simple: to say just one Jewish blessing a day. Easy on Shabbat, but I confess to failing to bless something each day....more

Can you do a mini-mitzvah?


Blog Directory...more

A Very Shiksa Seder

Raised in South Dakota, the only Jewish person I was familiar with was Anne Frank and, of course, Jesus. The third Jewish person I knew, I married. His family was mortified and had to muster every “good sport” molecule they had to accept his choice of me as his fiancée: a SHIKSA, a non-Jewish woman. Oy Vey! ...more
What a wonderful article! Absolutely laughed out loud more then once. Loved reading an article ...more

A Jewish Mom Answers an Existential Question about Christmas in the Grocery Store

When my son was a l’il dude, I tried not to bring him to the grocery store if I could avoid it....more

Loving an Adopted Child: "Can't" or "Won't"? (A Christian's Perspective)

Dallas Cowboy's linebacker, Dema...more

Sukkot Takes to the Streets

This year, the Jewish tradition of Sukkot took to the streets.The eight-day Jewish holiday of Sukkot (pronounced "sue-COAT") is a celebratory harvest occasion, during which the observant Jewish family will build a temporary dwelling called a "sukkah" (pronounced to rhyme with "BOOK-ah")....more
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