Sagittarius Sun 11/21/16 * Think Lucky! Think Large!

This has been a rocky month. We can use a “pick-me-up”. The Sun prances into the adventurous, optimistic Fire sign Sagittarius on Monday November 21, 2016. Ruled by exuberant Jupiter, the king of positive thinking, everything is “huge”- ideas, actions, themes. Remember to pause occasionally and look over the landscape – not only to enjoy the view, but also to realize that some of those “sure things” are not. The “go BIG or go home” routine will not always work to your advantage....more

Hello Optimistic, Energetic Sagittarius!

That lucky old Sun bounces into Sagittarius on Saturday November 22, 2014. Ruled by “more is always best” planet Jupiter, this time of year is about livin’ large, taking chances, everything is great, the million dollar deal is done, “BIG”- ideas, actions, themes. All of this can can be full of adventure and great fun, but aim for “controlled” excess if things seem to be going over the top. Adding to festivities are transiting planets Mercury and Venus: Image Shutterstock ...more

Time to Shine! – Leo Sun 7/22/14

The Sun rules the 5th sign of the Zodiac and you can tell. With the influence of the “Sun King”, we all should feel upbeat, magnanimous, a bit more dramatic and drawn to the spotlight regardless of our actual Astrology sign. Leo urges us to be generous, attention seeking, creative and full of a lion’s pride. When the Sun struts into this regal Fire sign, expect to have some fun for the duration of its stay....more

Sagittarius Sun, Think Lucky! Think Large!

The Sagittarius Sun hits us on Thursday, November 21, 2013. Be ready to think lucky, think large. Let’s all enjoy this 9th sign of the Zodiac’s feelings of confidence, optimism and adventure. Always coming to mind is my favorite line from “Jaws” – “we’re going to need a bigger boat.” We just don’t have enough space for all the super happenings anticipated when there is a Sag Sun. Prepare to give and receive graciously – it has lots to do with attitude....more

Holiday Horoscope: Welcome That Lucky Sagittarius Sun!

Are you ready for a busy, bouncy, upbeat good time? Well, that’s what we get when the Sun prances into Fire sign Sagittarius tomorrow, Wednesday November 21, 2012. (The symbol for the optimistic 9th Astrology sign is the half man/ half horse Centaur – usually with a wine pouch.) Perfect, just in time for a holiday gathering. Share laughs, share food, share Sag philosophical wisdom. Spread cheer!...more

Jupiter in Gemini - is this your lucky year?

 Is this your lucky year?  You know some years everything falls into place so easily - you’re in the right place at the right time, finances improve and relationships are great. Life feels good; even if problems do surface they quickly disappear.  This is often when Jupiter is in your sign.  Jupiter is the planet of luck, expansion and growth!...more

Things to Be Thankful For: Final Mercury Retrograde of 2011!

Yesterday, the last Mercury Retrograde of the year occured in the jolly Fire of sign Sagittarius. The Sun already bounced into this 9th sign of the Zodiac on 11/22, so all its traits of learning, travel, education, adventure and risk taking are pushed to the forefront. Mercury is all about communication, transportation, movement, how we deal with variety and since this planet’s “backward” motion can often cause confusion, misunderstandings, snafus – my suggestion is check all lists, big plans and directions twice.  ...more
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Glorious Sun into Joyous Sagittarius 11/22/11

Okay, let the fun times begin!  When the Sun is in fiery Sagittarius, we can all enjoy this sign’s feelings of luck, optimism and adventure. Ruled by expansive Jupiter, the king of positive thinking, we just don’t have enough space for all the goodies anticipated when there is a Sag Sun. That’s just the way it is. Everything is “BIG”- ideas, actions, themes. There is this underlying sense of “can’t miss”, the million dollar deal is done, it’s all great! Remember to pause occasionally and look over the landscape – not only to enjoy the view, but also to realize that some of those “sure things” are not and will cost ya.  Aim for controlled excess. ...more

Astrology: Weekend Moon in Upbeat Fire Sign Sag, 9/30/11

A Sagittarius Moon from Friday night until late Sunday evening gives us the urge to get out and about, see people. Feelings of optimism, abundance and “can-do-anything” are all traits of this Jupiter ruled, good natured Zodiac sign. Thoughts turn to travel and adventure – it can add up to a fun weekend!...more

The Martian Family Robinson

This is a new kind of martian and they aren't green!Jupiter, Heartburn, TomorrowSeventeen year old Emily Robinson looked through the telescope at the far away planet Jupiter....more
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