10 End-of-Year Gifts Teachers Will Love

At the end of the year, many parents and students wish to give teachers a token of their thanks, but they're not sure what's appropriate. The best advice I have is: Know thy teacher. So, for example, if you're not certain the teacher drinks alcohol, don't offer a bottle of wine, and don't give gift certificates to a big, corporate bookstore like Barnes & Noble to someone who was petitioning the city council not to allow any more big box stores into your town because they drive out local businesses. ...more
My son's 4th grade teacher had the best idea ever. He does not want any gift at all, but if ...more

White Babies No Longer Majority: Why Are Schools Not More Diverse?

This week the Washington Post noted for the first time in American history, white babies are no longer the majority born in the United States. ...more
I LOVE this post! We've recently decided that our kids will go to public school. I'd personally ...more

Parents of Kids with Asthma - CONTEST

Through my job in public relations covering healthcare topics of various kinds, I often have an opportunity to share valuable information that will be helpful to my friends, family, and fellow bloggers who are parents, guardians, teachers, school administrators, etc. Therefore, I would like to tell you about an education program about asthma, specifically as it relates to children, just recently announced, that I have written about on my blog Mommy’s Point of View. ...more

Arizona Says Adiós to Ethnic Studies

On Thursday, the Arizona State Legislature passed House Bill 2281, a measure that prohibits public school districts from offering classes that "are designed primarily for pupils of a particular ethnic group," "promote the overthrow of the United States government," "promote resentment toward a race or class of people," or "advocate ethnic solidarity instead of the treatment of pupils as individuals." I'm worried less about the specific language and provisions of the bill than about the motivations of the people who authored it and voted to pass it. ...more

As a parent, grandparent and in my work with students and their parents I have always pushed ...more

Obama Thinks Too Narrowly in Overhauling No Child Left Behind

Over the past few years, I have noticed in my undergraduates -— and even in a few of my younger graduate students -— a shift away from critical and creative thought and a greater desire for black-and-white answers, for lectures instead of discussion and for assignments that feature short answers rather than sustained argument. There are undoubtedly many reasons for this shift, but one of them is likely the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) educational reforms implemented during the Bush administration. ...more

I think the first thing we have to do is stop firing teachers.  And I hope, in light of ...more

School District Sued for Spying on Students via Webcam

Most U.S. school officials and teachers warn students about the dangers of sharing too much information online and teach young people ways to maintain relative privacy while connected to the Internet.  In Pennsylvania's Lower Merion School District, however, school officials allegedly took another approach: they surveilled students and their families by using the webcams built into laptops issued to students by their high schools....more



Students use computers for much more than reading e-texts, ...more

Caitlin Flanagan Digs Into School-Based Garden Programs

Caitlin Flanagan's venomous attack on school garden programs -- and Alice Waters' Edible Schoolyard Program in particular -- in the Atlantic piece Cultivating Failure has been a hot-button topic of discussion all week. However, this cleverly written but poorly researched piece does little to advance the discussion on the value of such programs -- and does much to polarize individuals along political lines in addressing the value of experiential learning opportunities. ...more

Thanks for your reactions on School Gardens.  I agree that these projects can hold a ...more

Great Gifts Under $10, for Kids in First and Second Grade

Thanksgiving is coming, and you know what that means... holiday shopping is about to get ugly. If your piggy bank is looking a little empty this year, you're not alone. We've all been doing some pretty mournful shaking... The good news is, there are plenty of great things you can get for all the kids on your list that ring in at $10 or less. I know because I've spent the past six months combing through them! ...more

What were your favorites from that blog? Always on the hunt for cool science things for my ...more

Why I Hate Back-to-School: A Rant

I just returned from dropping off enrollment forms at my daughter's kindergarten. For the second time since early enrollment in May. Apparently, they're afraid we might have moved in two months and thus shouldn't be eligible to attend my girl's public school. And this leads me into my rant about schools in this country. ...more
I am one of 6 kids. My parents had no choice but to use public schools.  It was never an issue.  ...more