Crazy love

I debated on whether or not to write this post because I don’t want it to get taken the wrong way. But I’m sure it will. So let me start by saying this: The love I have for my children is huge, unconditional and just plain amazing. God didn’t have to give me children, but He did and I am forever grateful because they are His children that I’m taking care of. I will always be here for them. I would die for them in a heartbeat. I will always love them, encourage them and support them.Are we clear? Okay....more

5 Easy Steps to Creating Daily Chores for Kids

If we are being honest with ourselves, no-one enjoys doing chores. Kids especially don't enjoy doing chores! However, kids need to have chores to teach them responsibility and it helps teach them to properly care for their own stuff. Getting your children to do chores is sometimes a chore in itself. So, how do we get kids to do chores without making it a fight? It's actually pretty easy - most of the time!I've broken my method down into 5 simple steps to help you create a chore chart for your kids that are age appropriate and have worked in our house!...more

We gave our daughter an iphone but we still are not cool parents..

This past weekend we decided to get our daughter an iphone. It really was on a whim. This was something that we had always said we would not do because we believe there wasn't a reason in the world for a 12 year old or even a teenager to need an iphone. ...more

Why parents aren't teaching their kids responsibility

Surely you have seen this before. ...more

It's Hard to Be the New Mom at School

It's September. The flip flops have been unceremoniously discarded in the corner, the bathing suits and beach towels safely stowed until next year, and the air is crackling with the excitement of this new school year. For us, it’s been extra special, as the kids are in their first year of public school after being cyber schooled for the last five years....more
Yes! Trying to make new "mom friends" at school makes me feel like I'm a kid back at school ...more

Your Older Kid Can Come in Handy

Dear Ann Abler, My baby fell asleep in my lap, so I called my seven y.o. daughter over to bring me a beer. Should I have asked for a glass of red wine instead? I hear it has antioxidants or magic in it. But beer has hops and something... Thoughts? - Nap Lap Night Cap Dear Nap Lap, You should have asked for two. She might have been out of ear-shot the next time you needed her. ...more

I am Not Pregnant...sorry

I wish I had kids because on days when I am completely drained of ideas and exhausted I could just document what they did. Instead I have a stuffed animal and a Google Bot but no kids. Its not for lack of trying as when I was at the BlogHer conference a network internet service provider told me about the "Baby Plan" to which I replied "well one way or another I am going to get pregnant this weekend" Alas, nope still now bun in the oven and I am really not sure I need one. Except on Days I can not think of what to type up on my blog. ...more

Crush Your Child's Dream of Ever Owning a Dog (or Pony)! Proven Method

We love birthdays in our family. Or rather I love birthdays and have passed that trait onto to the boys – and my husband goes along for the ride. September starts our “birthday season” which ends in late January. As you can imagine, we are talking birthday wishes, birthday celebrations – all things “birthdays” these days....more

How to Be a Great Sports Parent

I'm a firm believer that youth sports provide a platform for learning many life lessons. Sports programs, for the most part, help young minds grow, expand, and develop kids' confidence and talents. ...more
Thank you, AmyBovaird! Appreciate your thoughts. I figured if it resonated with me, then it ...more

Oh, you're a stay at home mom?

   The title should explain it all... It all depends on how your outlook is on stay at home moms.  I am a stay at home mom.   I live, breath, and eat being a stay at home mom.  I have been a stay at home mom since we found out that I was pregnant with our daughter Isabella.  So Bells would be child number two.  Our eldest is Isaiah, he is eight and in tiptop shape.  (Ha, he is just skinny, minnie.)  Yes, being a stay at home helps your rhyming capabilities....more