Paper Bowl & Plate Easter Bonnets

Paper Bowl & Plate Easter Bonnets Once a month at work, we have a pizza party ...more

Friday 5: Celebrating Simplicity

Here's to celebrating the simple stuff too.  Here's to silly things that make you smile.(What are these geese doing on my roof?...more

Welcome to My House: Playroom

Welcome to My House: Playroom One thing I love about bloggers (maybe you hate it) is when they open their homes up on their blog. I'm going to do this from time to time (it's not going to be something that I say I'm going to do every week)....more

Thoughtfulness Wednesday: Happy Birthday E!

Thoughtfulness Wednesday: Happy Birthday E I know it's usually Thoughtfulness Thursday, but I have to break with tradition because today is E's birthday!...more

11 Scriptures to Pray for Your Child

Sometimes, I wonder if we made a mistake purchasing our house eleven years ago. It's not in the best school district, we could have found a better "deal," we are rapidly outgrowing it. However, when I think about the godly women placed on this street and what they have taught me, I know that we are in the right place. One sweet neighbor taught me not to just promise prayers. If I ask her for prayer, she prays. Right then. She also taught me about the power of using God's Word to pray, inserting our husband's or our children's names into the Scriptures as we pray. ...more
I love this post.  Those are awesome verses to use.  And that question is critical!!  I think so ...more

Character Not Awarded

I cannot be the only one…who has found their child's first year of public Kindergarten trying at the best of times and down right frustrating the rest of the time. I’ve discussed my dismay at the entirely satisfactory report card (literally, all satisfactory marks) and the abundance of fundraising being pushed on us monthly, but my latest annoyance is in response to the Character Awards....more

Old Age

I am getting old and I think so are you. I went out and did the yard yesterday. Yes the kids help but I still worked on it. I bent over, lean back and pulled something out of joint.  Back in the day I could do the whole yard by myself as the kids jumped in  the leaves, played with the dog and pushed each other in the wagon.  Now I can only think of myself trying but I know I will pay for it later (NOW).  I didn't work out....more

Eggshell Geodes - after school experiment

I love finding cool science experiments on Pinterest.  The plan is to incorporate some of these ideas into Cub Scout activities. I decided to try one of the experiments with the Posse as a test run....more
I can't wait to do this with JMP in a couple of years. ;-)more

funny events of the week subbing

One of the high school teachers\coaches has a note filled wall. One smart kid's note says you're getting on my nerves coach. Freshman p.e.  boys replace basketball with water bottle. Headstart kid insists he climbed a mountain over spring break....more