5 Easy Halloween Treats

5 Easy Halloween TreatsHalloween Dirt CakeCandy Corn PunchHalloween Trail MixCandy Corn and Peanut Rice Krispies...more

Easy Oyster Craft

Students show off their oysters....more

Hell Hath No Fury Like A Preschooler Bored

 Before I reveal the epically ridiculous stunts that my preschooler committed today while visiting his grandparents let me first give a round of applause to my mother and father in law for not disowning my frightfully inventive four-year-old and me. Thank you (one hundred thousand fold!)...more

5 Fun Ways Kids Can Have a Great Halloween (Without Eating All The Candy)

When it comes to raising my 7-year-old daughter, one of the biggest challenges has been getting her to eat healthy. I’ve tried teaching her about nutrition, playing games, and yes—even a little bit of light-hearted bribery. But as it turns out, little girls are also little tanks that enjoy eating every delicious morsel in sight....more

How to Make a Haunted Halloween Playhouse for Kids

I love taking Halloween to the next level, and I love taking my kids along for the ride. I'm not saying I came up with the original idea of spray-painting an old playhouse to transform it into a spooky house—but I am saying that I added a few new funky spins on this Halloween classic I am pretty smitten with. Oh yeah, and the mini Halloween lovers in my house love it, too. ...more
SimpleCheapMom Even if you just throw some spider webs on there and add a few pumpkins it makes ...more

Boo With the Best of Them!

Halloween will be here in 11 days.  Now is the time to assess whether or not you are a good mom.  A good mom will have already hand sewn an elaborate Anna or Elsa costume, complete with replica braids made out of yarn.  I saw this on Pinterest the other day, so I know really good moms are actually doing it.  Pinterest is my barometer of good momness.  I look at the amazing crafts, r...more

Parents, do you suffer from this awkward problem too?

This is how phone calls happen in my house now.Me: Hey, kiddo, Mommy needs to make a quick phone call so don’t interrupt, K?Kiddo: Uh…yup. Ok, Mom.Me: Ok, here I go…making my phone call…so…don’t interrupt…remember that…K?Kiddo: not listening(74 seconds later)Me: dialing…...more

You Can Be Anything You Want -- Except a Homemaker

Have you ever watched the show Wife Swap?The premise of the show is that two families switch wives for a week or two in order to see how the other family runs their household. The people that run the show obviously try to match up families that are polar opposites of each other, all in the interest of ratings and explosive confrontations. The country wife goes to the city and vice versa; the rich wife goes to the family who isn't making ends meet, atheist wife to Christian family, etc....more
Good message!!  I have had the best of all worlds - SAHM, worked full time, part time and from ...more