Hey Smarty Pants...You're Not So Smart

Isn't it annoying when someone tries to unsuccessfully retell an extremely funny joke they heard? Well, get ready to be annoyed, because I'm about to do just that.So there was this comedian whose name I can't remember, who told this joke I can't exactly recall, that went something like this:...more

One Word: Bottles

Mr. McGuire famously said to young Benjamin Braddock in “The Graduate”, “I just want to say one word to you … plastics.” I would add another word to that ‘bottles’....more

10 Confessions of a Mom

1.  I have hidden certain of my children's books at bedtime because they were too long and I didn't want to read them. (I did this today.  A library book...something about Tinkerbell's journey to something or another... How did I let this one get into the bag?)...more

Is it my turn to have a tantrum now?

Does this look familiar to you?  This face (and the crossed arms, as well) is presented to me dozens of times daily.  My adorable angels, ages 6 and 3, have become very expressive these days.  ...more

Quiet Boxes for Kids

 I have 2 kids. 5 and 1/2 years apart in age. Yes, the oldest is very helpful and plays with her baby brother and loves to help Mommy. The bad part is baby brother is little and still needs his naps which means a lot of down time for the 6 year old. Since it summer time and we're home more I knew I had to put something in place to save my sanity while brother naps and keep big sister busy. On Pinterest one night I came across some "quiet boxes" to keep kids busy....more

Addendum to the Household Rules If We Had Household Rules

Ridiculous in light of more important rules we need around here, but hey, a girl can dream. Funny thing is, we don't actually even HAVE any official household rules. It's on my list to thoughtfully draft some one day soon. I probably would have done it by now if the rules were going to be meaningful to me, like THESE: 1. Don't mess up, touch, or breathe wrong on my bed after I've made it. (It makes me feel like the whole house is cleaner!) ...more
#11 for sure.more

Monday Memories

So sorry for the lack of posts. We went on a cruise last week and seriously had no Internet until we got back. We had a pretty good time…I’ll write more on the cruise later, but are definitely glad to be home. Here are a few pictures from the past week  ...more

Thoughtfulness Thursday: Surprise!

You may have guessed it…it’s true…we’re having baby number 2!  To visit the blog, http://www.georgiapeachmommy.com Xo,J...more

Parenting advice I'll actually listen to...

Recently, I was given a delightful lecture on all that I was doing wrong with my children.  This person told me that my children "acted spoiled" and "aren't disciplined" and if I don't do something about it very soon I'm going to have "a real problem on my hands."  This advice was unsolicited by me, of course.  This advice came out of nowhere as heddy warning of my horrible future fate as a parent who has obliviously screwed up big time.  I mean, really.  Who would ever want to hear anything like that?...more

The start of something new..

I agree. Enjoy the heat and rainmore