One of "those" neighbors

Until recently, I thought I was a good neighbor. ...more

You may be "one of those neighbors" but I think it's a good thing. We can't please ...more

Five Petty Things to Hate about Parenting

There are a lot of things to hate (and to love) about parenting. I could go on all day about giving up my independence, losing my freedom, hanging onto my identity with the skin of my teeth, but the important thing to remember is that these things are all passing. They are as fleeting, in fact, as the five things I'm about to list here...the five petty things I hate about parenting at this very moment.Read More:...more

I Have The Biggest Boobs in The Whole World (according to Cole)

O.K. I’m sure that if you know me right now you must be scratching your head in wonder. If you do not know me then I must appear to be bragging. Either way please allow me to explain. My nine year old son Cole teaches me lessons about life almost on a daily basis. He has an amazing mix of the boy that is never in clean clothes because it’s much more fun to be dirty, everything can be made into a gun, no idea what fear is and a very enduring sensitive side that can tune into any ones hurt and try to make it better....more

16 Things a Mother Should {NEVER} Do....


The one about being too hung over to be the Easter bunny was sad. Know when to party, folks. more

How to be the Sexiest Piece of Ass at your Local Tot Gym

Monika Whitney, over at, was a lot like me as a single person...only with more grace and style, trust me. She agreed to teach me how to be the hottest mom at the Tot Gym and maybe even be a little friendlier, too. Go check her out!...more

Personality Shines Through

As you parent your child, try to remember that it's not all about you. Babies are born with their characters, their egos, and there's only so far "training" will go in the face of that. It's important to adapt your style to the personality your child was born with. I don't mean spoil them. I mean certain modes of discipline and explanation simply will not work for one type of personality, while it will be foolproof for another....more

Mothers Day 2011: Put Down that Damn Burger!

Like every holiday where I am hosting the meal I am usually told by my mother and/or husband & children to calm down at some point during the day. It's funny how those words always incite the exact opposite; this Mother's Day was no different. ...more

I Hope You Didn't Think You Were a Person or Anything

Credit card companies have been told to stop issuing cards to people who do not pull in an income. On its face, this ruling seems to make sense. People who don't make any money shouldn't have the responsibility of having to pay credit card companies back for their consumption needs. Behind that face, however, the issue is so much deeper. Behind that face are women and men who stay home to take care of their kids while their spouses work, providing the more disposable income....more

More people need to find their voice and speak out against the Fed's ruling. The Fed needs to ...more

Am I a better mom now?

Am I a better parent by not working right now? I say "right now" because I quit my job a little over a month ago to take a midlife sabbatical. Now, I seem to have more energy to focus on parenting than when I was working. I'm not saying it's helicopter mom time; quite the opposite. I'm just more relaxed. I find myself with more energy to discipline my daughter, which has been my major parenting shortfall. My 9-year old daughter's not an easy daughter to raise (not that any child is); importantly, I'm not an easygoing, mothering-comes-easy to me type mom....more

Moment of the Week - 38

Puddle jumping!