The simple things in life that even adults love-Rice Krispies

I haven't been on here for awhile things are just getting busy and I had a couple of food shows to go to.  No excuse I know its just hard to sit down even for a bit to jot down a short note you all my friends on here.  I am working on the ice cream parlor hoping to have it going next weekend because the mall is having a loins and tigers weekend with a magic show and all, would be a great time to start it off.  I also joined the committee for relay for life in our area, not that I have a lot of time but it is a good cause and the ladies on the committee are all older and neede...more

Art Imitates Life?

Posted April 7, 2011 ...more

The Witch Is Coming!

Last week, my babies went to bed for the first time in what must be a year without making me go back in there to resettle them.  A magical secret of happiness and sugar plums as they drift off to sleep?  Hardly.  Actually, I scared the pants off of them. But it was an accident, I swear!They love stories, especially during potty time. On this particular night, they'd requested stories about a witch....more

Chicken Squares--A Favorite with the Kids

Is it time for some new recipes in your home? Are you sick of eating the same things week after week? I have to mix things up because I know I can't go very long making the same recipes over and over. As adults we enjoy trying out new recipes and being a little adventurous when it comes to food....more

A Boy Clothing Nightmare

Emilie, school teacher and blogger extraordinaire over at Teaching Ain't For Heroes, was kind enough to give me some insight on shopping for boy clothing.  And I thought I had it rough with girls!Read More:...more

Ambitious 29 Year Old Woman Kidnapped...

And replaced with an unsure mother. Have you ever felt, by becoming a mom, you have lost all traces of the former person you used to be? Have you ever looked in the mirror at your disheveled hair, clothes stained with baby milk, and dark circles and wondered what happened to that savvy, well-manicured, vibrant woman who used to inhabit the person who now knows more about Bubble Guppies then the economic bubble? ...more

Kneading and Being Needed

The house is quiet, and the air is warm.  I'm in short sleeves.  The sun is streaming through the window allowing me to see the massive amount of dust in my home.  I should be cleaning the bathroom or finishing up the dishes or folding laundry.  I'm always saying this.  I should be.  Which begs the question, "What am I doing instead?"  I'm eating fresh-baked cinnamon bread and writing a blog post.  Why can't I be okay with that? ...more

The Meringue Debacle (A Tragedy in Two Acts)

Act I: (The Dining Room, St. Patrick's Day) We invited some of Ken's running friends over for dinner. One of the guys, a kid really, 24-year-old Evan, came bearing cloud cookies. The kids devoured them."They're so easy to make," he said.Act II: (The Kitchen, several days later) The twins are engrossed in their favorite mid-morning activity, playing in the bathroom sink and I, looking to distract them, say, "you guys wanna bake some cookies?"...more

Toddler Tricks - 33

Ways to Trick your Baby:Problem: Your child has decided that swallowing is for the weak....more