Just Show Up!

I am an adult.  I no longer have a ready made group of friends from school, my parents or my extra-cirricula activities.  How to create a community for yourself and for your family?  My main piece of advice - JUST SHOW UP!  There are so many opportunities in your child's school, community, religious organization - JUST SHOW UP!...more

Healthy Sports Snacks, Sugar Free Lemonade and Hummus Recipe

The best cooks develop routines that make them more efficient in the kitchen. The same rule applies to just about everything in life. Developing routines and planing ahead for meals and snacks makes healthy eating easy....more

How to get your kids (and husband) to beg for veggies!

I'm constantly searching for healthy, quick dinner options that are budget and kid friendly. I used to spend $20+ dollars on Steamfresh frozen veggies each week and it was always the same routine. I would buy a bunch of these bags in an effort to serve my family veggies, but honestly, I'd cook them and place them on my family's dinner plates and I was lucky if one family member, including myself, took one single bite. ...more

Move over McDonalds! MoCo Mommies want healthy choices!

I love my babies so much and like so many moms (especially my MoCo MD mommies!), I just want to provide my little ones with the very best, especially when it comes to the food that goes into those tiny, adorable bellies! Sorry, McDonalds! I might have grown up on your happy meals, but they just aren't going to make the cut for my little ones....more

To All My Single Ladies: A Letter From a Young Mom to Her Single Friends

Dear friend, I know we haven't talked in forever—like 8 months. I know I forgot to send a birthday card. I know you see my blog posts and wonder how I have time to blog when I keep failing to call you for a phone date. I know it seems like I don't have time for you anymore and that I don't care about our friendship. ...more
This is exactly how it is. My oldest is now 26 years old, I was the 1st of my group of high ...more

A grateful heart: Feeling neighborly

"[Bzzzz] I turned you into a frog!""[Bzzzz] I turned you into a toilet!""[Bzzzz] I turned you into a banana!""[Bzzzz] I turned you into a baby!""[Bzzzz] I turned you into a meatball!""[Bzzzz] I turned you into an earring!""[Bzzzz] I turned you into a piece of paper!""[Bzzzz] I turned you into an apricot!""[Bzzzz] I turned you into a noodle!"...more

I Believe All I Want To Be Is A Mom

This is my first blog, so please don’t be mean. I just need to put my thoughts out there.All my life I’ve always had the same fever, baby fever. I love children and the science behind having a baby really amazes me. It truly is a miracle. There is nothing I love more than the idea of having children and being a mom. Majority of the time, I believe it is all I want and the only thing that will make me feel complete and successful in life. ...more

The Trouble with Writing Prompts

When I started student teaching, one of the first things my cooperating teacher said to me was, “I don’t do writing prompts. I hate writing prompts.” And then she got on her Anti-Writing Prompt Soapbox and proceeded to denounce the supposed virtues of writing prompts.At first I thought, “Whoa… crazy lady… simmer down. It’s just a writing prompt. Wacko.”Now? I’m totally like, “Preach it, sister!”From what I’ve seen, teachers LOOOOOOVE their writing prompts. They’re easy to correct, easy to read, and they help to teach basic writing skills.I still hate them....more

I'm Learning to Embrace the Mess

I like a clean house…No wait…I LOVE a clean house. It makes me feel like I can breathe. I, at times, feel claustrophobic around clutter. And with two active kids, it can be a daily occurrence.So it should make me happy when I notice my son quickly wiping up a little drip that he makes on the table as he eats his popsicle. It should make me happy when he says phrases like,”We don’t want to make a mess,” or “That would be too messy!”No mess. It should make me happy…right?...more

Would You Move From the Boonies If Your Kids Didn't Want To?

Dear Mouthy Housewives,I want to move to a new neighborhood that would be closer to restaurants, coffee shops and stores....more
If you want to somewhere that is closer to stores and restaurants, keep in mind that you will ...more