Parents, do you suffer from this awkward problem too?

This is how phone calls happen in my house now.Me: Hey, kiddo, Mommy needs to make a quick phone call so don’t interrupt, K?Kiddo: Uh…yup. Ok, Mom.Me: Ok, here I go…making my phone call…so…don’t interrupt…remember that…K?Kiddo: not listening(74 seconds later)Me: dialing…...more

You Can Be Anything You Want -- Except a Homemaker

Have you ever watched the show Wife Swap?The premise of the show is that two families switch wives for a week or two in order to see how the other family runs their household. The people that run the show obviously try to match up families that are polar opposites of each other, all in the interest of ratings and explosive confrontations. The country wife goes to the city and vice versa; the rich wife goes to the family who isn't making ends meet, atheist wife to Christian family, etc....more
Good message!!  I have had the best of all worlds - SAHM, worked full time, part time and from ...more

Easy Cat Shirt with Printable!

School Fundraisers; Let's Just Cut to the Chase

Ah, autumn.  The time of year when co-workers won’t look you in the eye, neighbors don’t answer their doors, and your family puts their phones on silent. School fundraiser time!  A week and a half ago my 8 year old daughter brought home a box of 60 chocolate bars.  It seems like a simple task....more

Ultimate Grilled Cheese Bar

Yesterday morning I asked my youngest child to name one dinner she would like to have appear on this week's menu. I was stumped for ideas and let's face it, my kid knocked it out of the park the week she got to plan the menu. She picked dinner options that I hadn't thought of in a long time.Her suggestion yesterday? A grilled cheese bar. I was immediately on board because toasted cheese sandwiches? Are delicious....more

How to : MATCH !

Have you ever wanted to match with someone, and had no idea how to acomplish it ? Well, take a deep breath because its really not that difficult.  Below is a link to a video that demonstrates 3 easy way to match with someone. Hope you enjoy it ! :)...more

ASTC Passport Program: Save on Science Museums

A great way to gain access to hundreds of museums nationwide is thru the ASTC (Association of Science-Technology Centers) passport program. Purchase a pass at one of the participating centers for free or reduced admission to other centers throughout the country. This is an excellent resource for traveling families. ...more

The homework battle: Stop fighting and start writing

Homework. Just mentioning the word makes me cringe and brings back horrors from my own youth. The fights, the worry, the late nights. The hours spent thinking up excuses to explain why those pesky math problems didn’t get finished....more

The Jaw Dropping Way This Preschooler Stood Up To A Bully

As a mom, I am always correcting my son’s behavior in an effort to mold him into a well-mannered person. My kid is forever catching some fresh hell for committing run-of-the-mill kid crimes. It isn’t enough for me that he follows the rules. I want the boundaries I create to help him develop confidence and self-respect. Like any mom, I want my son to be a decent kid.And so I am constantly saying things like this:...more