Save the Frogs

We found some froggy friends at the pool the other day!...more

Why kids don't need to be educationated

Whoa, sounds dramatic, right? But it's true. I dislike (sometimes bordering on despise) it when people treat children as space aliens. When they refuse to let children into their normal lives. When they segregate them by age groups....more

Applebee's After Dark and other musings of a tween

Booze, chicks at the bar, lewd behavior, all on a Saturday evening and…At the local Applebee’s.Ok, so, maybe there wasn’t booze, chicks at the bar, or lewd behavior. This was the behavior my 9 year old daughter, Flower, “saw”, what she cooked up in her head and swore off ever eating at an AppleBee’s again.Let me explain....more

Why kids need to play outside - reason #387438 in a series

This ad, from a manufacturer of sugar bombs granola bars, is apparently making some waves online as being "hard-hitting". Meh. Personally, I find it terribly contrived. Watch for yourself:  ...more

Today's everyday poetry: reading time


Today's everyday poetry: bugs in rugs

Fond this hidden in the bed linens.    ...more


I want to touch on a subject that is very real for many of you girls in school. With all of you facing a new school year, the subject of fitting in and bullying is a hot topic for many anti-bullying campaigns and Anti-Bullying organizations across the web....more

My Kids Are at Grandma's For Four Weeks and I'm So Happy!

My two older children have safely made their way to the East Coast for four weeks. I miss them, but honestly, we're also feeling like: Don't judge me. I love my Big Guys (as I call them). I would do (mostly) anything for them, would give my life for them, yada, yada, yada. But I'm so happy that they're gone for four weeks, I can hardly contain myself. ...more
Mindful Memory Keeping Yes! It's totally okay to be happy about the break. Those two emotions -- ...more

An Open Letter to the Childhood Brain

An Open Letter to the Childhood Brain July 15, 2015 (I originally wrote 2014. This is your fault) Dear Childhood Brain,...more