I Swore......So What?

What exactly are we teaching our children when we tell them not to swear? This is a topic that seems to come up almost daily as I raise my kids, as well as a popular talking point among the blogging community I am in....and with parents in general.  Whether it's reviewing movies, deciding which t.v. shows to watch, interaction with other children, words they hear at school, or even what they read, swearing is a prevalent issue I deal with as a Mom. ...more

Boo, School

I'm anxious. Maybe my ADD meds are too strong.  Maybe my thyroid meds are off. Damn,  it sucks to be old.  I've had this looming sense of dred for the past week or two.   It's because school is coming, and it's going to take away the people I love most.  I won't get to be with them.  We will have to have less fun. Make fewer memories.  It's like raising them... is partly over. Damn, I hate school.  I hate that my kids are gone all day. ...more

The back to school panic has struck.

So the annual OMG MY KIDS NEED EVERYTHING FROM SOCKS TO BACKPACKS shopathon is well under way here at our house.  We started last month, picking bits and pieces up at yard sales.  If you find even ONE good yard sale that has nice clothes for the size your kid is going into, take my advice.  BUY IT ALL.  I’m kicking myself in the arse for not taking advantage of the one and only good sale I found last month....more
Ha ha, I feel your pain. I have one boy but his size is so unusual that finding his clothes is ...more

Featured Blog: JoyFoodly.com, with Chef Hollie!

I heard about JoyFoodly.com from a fellow blogger at BlogHer14, and I was blown away by the site.A well constructed site?  About food?  For kids?  And it doesn’t look cheesy, it is actually informative and interesting??  This is too good to be true.  I texted the site to people before I left the conference, demanding that they check it out.  I was that impressed by it.Bonus: all the recipes are gluten free....more

Kids Fighting Dunkin Donuts over Cups

Young activists in the 4th and 5th grade need your help.  There is a petition against Dunkin Donuts about Styrofoam Cups by Park School Kids from Brookline, MA. Let’s join the battle to get Dunkin Donuts to stop using Styrofoam cups.  The petition is being circulated via Change.org and the story of these youngsters fighting for our environment is very impressive.  They have already gathered over 240,000 petitions and only need 60,000 more....more

Time for College Applications and Prep

We're back from vacation and neck deep in college application prep for our son, a senior this year.  Our son, second child, is the first interested in attending a 4 year college, making this our first time applying to colleges.My son asked me to help him stay organized and ahead of his college applications and test deadlines.  I assume he asked me and not his dad because I am the "organized one"!Step One:  Set up a Google Calendar and share with my son.  This is a critical tool for organizers.  ....more
Avery Lane High school seniors have more responsibilities and expectations than I did as a ...more

My daughter changes every hour...

       I love fashion, clothes, make-up, and shoes! I admit it! Who doesn't? I know that I can be quite a headache for my husband when it comes to closet space.  But that is not the point, we all have our poison... Clothes, shoes, and accessories are mine....more

Reader Q & A with Dr. Psych Mom: I Prefer One Kid to the Other, Am I Horrible?

Reader Sucky Mom writes, My older daughter is way easier for me to deal with than my younger one.  The younger one always says I like her sister more than her, and you know what, if I am honest with myself, she is right.  Of course I don't admit this to anyone, but it makes me feel terrible.  Why do I feel this way?   ...more

Variations on Childhood Songs

To the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star: Twinkle twinkle little ClaraBeing the middle child is not fairaAlways having to act outBecause we forget you unless you shoutGood thing you are really funnySo we remember you're there, honey.Twinkle twinkle little ClaraWe also cannot forget your haira. ...more

"the talk" happened

So I had THE question asked of me by my 6 year old daughter. You know the one, the one that turned me into a awkward and uncomfortable teenager. "Mommy, how does the baby get in a Mommy's belly?" She asks me while we are drawing at the art table. Her brothers were napping, so this Mommy and daughter bonding just took a whole big turn....more