The Nanny State Takes Over Recess – School District Bans the Game of Tag

The Mercer Island School District in Washington State recently banned the game of tag. The district’s rationale for the decision was the need to revisit “expectations for student behavior to address student safety.” Specifically, the school district felt the move was necessary to ensure the physical and emotional safety of its students....more
I am sick to death of the political correctness disease infecting our government. Kids win -- ...more


Late night blogging on my phone again. I was going to work on the computer, but I got sleepy, so here's what you get.Tonight, we talk chess.I remember as a kid a few times playing with my dad; I remember asking repeatedly to play. It was rare. My dad wasn't home a lot; he was a doctor and when he was home, he was exhausted.So I should probably have more sympathy for my own kid, who has recently developed an obsession with chess, and asks me repeatedly and often to play....more

Salami de chocolate ( chocolate salami )

Another great recipe obtained from our dear neighbors Portugal. It is delicious and very easy to do.While Thermomix can do, I do it by hand, as it is super fast.Ingredients...more


To my daughter,...more

Mommy needs space

For as long as I can remember, I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom. ...more

Monday Morning Coffee Date

VIAIf we were having coffee this m...more

DIY| Glow in the Dark Pumpkin

 We're counting down the days to Halloween and Haidyn refuses to put down her pumpkin from last year....more

19 Reasons Kids Aren't Good Co-Workers

Kids fascinate me. Their cuteness; their grossness; their individuality. I love watching nature—not nurture—in all its glory.Recently, I imagined what it would be like if little ones never outgrew their weirdo ways—namely in the work place.Scene 1: Reese, our man-child, getting his boss’s attention.“Lauren! … Lauren! … Lauren! … Lauren! … Lauren! … Lauren!”“LAUREN!”Lauren rushes to wrap up her conversation with Chad and says, “Yes, Reese?”Reese then balances on one leg and pretends to blow a horn using his thumb....more

How to Make a Letter Writing Kit for Kids

My daughter's friend just moved away, so we came up with this little gift for her....more