Kitchen revamp & organization 2014

We’ve been in our townhouse for a bit over a year and while our kitchen isn’t a disaster, it’s becoming more clear that it is certainly not as organized or functional as it easily could be.Enter the Kitchen Revamp & Organization 2014 series!...more

The Best Lil' Kitchen Toys

 I love being back at my parents place to take advantage of a massive kitchen, filled with all kinds of goodies - food, spices & gadgets!...more

Meal planning prep

 How I do love a good...more

Principles of heat

We are down at Undisclosed Deux and it was quite damp last night.We have two up and working outlets,so we used one to get heat for the cottage last night. Problem is, the floor man is due to come in this morning and put hardwood floors in the kitchen.I have learned that hardwood is very temperamental and should be only be set down in a certain temperature.By us having heat last night,I have my doubts that it’ll get done today. ...more

Gadget Tree: Roasting a Turkey? You Need This!

Watching me baste the turkey used to be great for a laugh.I’d carefully squeeze the bulb, place it in the turkey drippings and gently, and oh so carefully, release the squeeze on top of the bird. Perfect. But then I’d try to baste the wings or underside and SPLAT! I’d hit the floor, or the oven door or the dog (yes, it really happened, but he loved it). Done with that....more

Extra Helpings: The Top 5 Items You Should Always Have in Your Fridge

There are certain things that you should always have in the refrigerator... even if you don't cook every night.Wait. Before you load the grocery cart, think about what you  like to eat and how much time you spend in the kitchen. Having a few basic items on hand makes the task less stressful....more


I miss my kitchen. Sure I have my “temporary kitchen, but I miss mine, where I couldcook, bake, make coffee in…mine! Eating out is one thing. How people can do it all the time is beyondme.Pretty sad when my idea of a comfortable meal is a bowl ofcereal here at Undisclosed. This house will be done. **not soon enough** ...more

Our Kitchen: the Entertaining Heart of Our Home

The kitchen is the heart of our home.  It's my favorite place to be, and I spend most of my time in this space not only cooking and baking, but gathering with my family and friends to eat, socialize and create special memories.   ...more
Denise's birthday partymore

Kitchen Designs: A different perspective

kitchen designsI can never get enough of kitchen designs...feel the same way? Every time I am looking on the internet, magazines, books etc I am always finding myself dreaming......more