Tina Aldatz is Living Her American Dream

Like most entrepreneurs, one of my favorite things to do is to read business and marketing books. Not only to get advice, but to be reassured that my goals and dreams are not crazy. But there are actually few books that are written by authors who are honest about their personal life’s struggles - even fewer books from a Latina’s perspective. When the author of From Stilettos to the Stock Exchange gave me a signed copy, I was over the moon. Here was a business and life book written by a Latina. Intrigued to hear the story of a fellow Latina entrepreneur, I dove right in....more


Latina Transwoman Murdered in Memphis, Family Needs Help With Funeral Expenses

Friday night, another trans sister of color was murdered, this time in Memphis. 41 year old Alejandra Leos was born in Monclova Vieja, Coahuila De Zaragoza, Mexico, but lived with her family in Memphis. She had family support and job security. She was respected, loved and valued by those who knew her. Alejandra used the name Alexandra on her Facebook page....more

10 Signs Your Grew Up in a Hispanic American Household

I was born in Puerto Rico but raised in the United States, so I get the best of both worlds--Fireworks on the Fourth of July and lechon for Noche Buena. If you, like me, grew up in a Hispanic American household, you probably had some ‘splaining to do every time your friends came over....more

The Ultimate Latina Dilemma: East Coast Vulgar vs West Coast Exotic

I remember when being Latina was cool. I was invited to all of the society parties, fashion events and restaurant openings. People wanted to learn about my culture. Women wanted the secrets to effortless Latin sexiness. Everyone wanted to speak Spanish with me and hear my stories about growing up between the European Buenos Aires flair and the rustic chic ranch life. Everyone loved my South American food and wine. But that was when I lived in San Francisco.I moved to the Miami – Ft Lauderdale area about a year and a half ago. And being Latina now is a whole different thing....more

Valentine's Day is Not for Me!

Valentine’s? San Valentín? Halloween? It’s all very confusing to me, and I’ve been mixing up those words since I moved to the USA in the 2000's. I grew up in Latin America, and down there Valentine’s is not a common celebration or tradition. I only started hearing about Valentine’s in the late 90's and it was all due to Hollywood movies. But it all felt very fake and forced....more

The Tendency to ignore the rainbow elephant in the room

I came out to my motherat the age of 24 over a phone conversation. She lives in Colombia and I in New York. Everyone advised me against it given that she is extremely religious but I, of course, did not listen. I wanted to be honest and be able to be myself. Bad idea. My mother got deeply depressed and to this date refuses to talk about it. She feels defeated and failed, as if my gaynness came from something she did wrong while raising me. And I can name a thousand things she did wrong but I doubt any of them led to gayness. I was born this way. ...more

A Life Full of Anti-Role Models

In moments of discouragment and depression when I am about to give up on my dreams and hopes, I tend to look around me for a source of inspiration. I am lucky enough to find that in other women around me, although not in the form I want it. I would love to know a woman (I know she is out there) who is independent and succesful in the medical field against all odds, like I want to be one day. Someone Antonia Novello style, respected in her field in REAL life. ...more
i think it's so unfortunate that we have to think we can only look at celebrities for role ...more

Movie Review: The Female Shaman in Bless Me, Ultima

The title to the movie, Bless Me, Ultima, carries the key to unlock its magic and riches, for blessings rain down on those who seek to understand. Isn’t that the ultimate goal of life on earth? Antonio’s older brothers return from the war changed men. Perhaps because his mother wants her youngest child to become a priest, Antonio’s mind is filled with questions about the nature of man, and of good and evil. It’s post-WWII in the United States, and many Americans have these questions in their hearts. ...more

Teaching Your Kids About Their Rich Hispanic Heritage

Latina women have a rich Hispanic heritage that we want to impart to our children. Whether it's sharing food traditions, speaking Spanish, or choosing a name that will help a bicultural child feel as if she belongs everywhere she goes, new mothers need help navigating how to bring Hispanic culture to their children. And Lorraine Ladish's crib sheet does just that. ...more
I couldn't agree more how important it is to teach kids about their heritage. My husband's a ...more