Laughing In The Face Of Alzheimer's

Life goes by fast.Enjoy it.Calm down. It's all funny--Joan RiversI mean, really – if I didn’t love Joan Rivers before reading that, I certainly did after. It’s perfect. It’s wonderful. It might be the best thing I’ve ever heard. Unfortunately it is also hard to keep in mind when you are walking into a nursing home to visit your Alzheimer’s-stricken dad on his 79th birthday....more

Friday Favorites: Things that make me laugh

Amber @ Fit, Foodie RunsStop on by at: don’t even know where to begin with Friday Favorites,...more

Laughter....with a Ginger

The boys and I laugh.  Laugh and joke and giggle.  I’m truly still 10 when I crack jokes and be gross with my 2 Ginger boys.  And they find their nutty mom to be a jackwagon, I’m sure.  But we try.We still laugh, but we’ve had a rough year.  Rough, long year.  Not funny.  Not happy.  Periods of no laughs.  No reason to laugh.  It was hard for me to MAKE myself laugh. I tried.  They got their laughs back.  Me?  Fake laughs, for sure.  Real ones?  Not really. Empty of good laughs....more

Finally Laughing at Ourselves!

I just laughed out loud, by myself, for the first years! It was fabulous! I feel so much better about life, myself, and basically most everything else. I’m not even high!...more

Humour Me

'You can't force funny. But you can choose when you laugh. '   Recently, I went for a job interview, quite unexpectedly as it turns out. A 'casual chat' with a potential employer very quickly turned serious and probing. Yikes! Mid interview, I remembered some advice from my husband, which went something like this....  'Don't try to be funny.'   ...more

Laugh Until Life Makes Sense

I’m not a big fan of bumper stickers.  I find it odd that people want to display their political sentiments on a used Honda for the world to see.  I find it annoying to have to stare at hateful words about our President at the stoplight in front of the grocery store.  And I’m amazed so many people put stick-figure families on their mini-vans to display how many people and pets live in their households.  Yes, yes. Michael plays soccer.  You have a cat.  Riveting stuff....more

Cross Post - The Laughter Gene

“Then, not only a breeze of love and spirit…ever a giggle and a smile…cheer/cheer/cheer!…Charm and just plain happy personality brought her far ahead of the era.” -An excerpt from a letter written to me about my grandmother from a family friend...more
What a wonderful gift, indeed. Grandmas are so special. I'm happy for you that yoiu had a ...more

Cross Post: The Integration of Laughter

How many times have you known or seen a person that looked happy on the outside, but it surprised you to know that they were really falling apart on the inside? That is me. Over the years, not many people would have picked me out of a clinical depression line-up....more
I am so sorry you have to deal with depression. Me, too. I am thankfully on good medication, but ...more

Cross Post: The Laughter Secret

The definition of the expression Shhhh, is not “be quiet.” The real definition is:I can’t deal with your expressions of happiness. You are laughing too loud. And when you laugh loud that means you have happiness in your life. I am afraid. I am afraid because I may never know that level of happiness....more

Do you know that Mr. Bean can help you lose weight ...

Do you know that laughing is the healthiest action we human could do? By laughing we actually stabilize our blood flow, increase our immune system, lower our blood sugar and most importantly reduce our stress. According to, “One pioneer in laughter research, William Fry, claimed it took 10 minutes on a rowing machine for his heart rate to reach the level it would after just one minute of hearty laughter.” And it ......more
@HomeRearedChef Very true. Each writer has such a unique style and that makes their writings  ...more