Weekend Moon – Compassionate Cancer

Arriving on Friday morning 11/30/12 and remaining until Sunday, the Moon, Water sign Cancer’s ruler, makes us sensitive and feeling vulnerable when transiting the 4th Astrology sign. Be creative, be pro active, try to keep any mood swings at bay. You can always cook something, set a pretty table. It’s the perfect outlet for all that “nurture” driven energy for which comfy, caring Cancer is noted. Domesticity has its merits – make family and friends comfortable. Make everyone feel at home....more

Uncage Your Inner Lion: Moon in Leo

 “New” Moon in Leo on Friday – both the Sun and the Moon are in the generous, colorful sign of Leo. With the Sun as ruler, this Fire sign is all about joyous confidence. New Moons are best for creativity and beginnings. ...more

Astrology: Leo Full Moon,Then Weekend Moon in Virgo & Libra

Friday February 18, 2011 provides early morning mood changes. (Just in case I haven’t been clear in my weekend update Astrology posts, my premise is that as the Moon changes signs, so do our moods, our energy and often how we act/react in the day to day.) The Moon will be in “Full” power at 3:36AM Eastern/12:26AM Pacific in generous, ”let’s have fun” Fire sign Leo. A Full Moon phase is good for wrapping things up, finishing what began at the time of the New Moon. The effects will last for a few days even as the Lunar orb changes to the next sign. ...more

Astrology: Thanksgiving and Weekend Moon – Food, Glorious Food!

This is a short work week for most, so I’m starting the weekend a little early.  On Thursday November 25th, the Happy Thanksgiving Day Moon is in its own food, family, nurture Water sign of Cancer – perfect.  Be full, comfy and share.  Don’t forget to be “thankful”. ...more

Astrology: The Weekend Moon – Variety of Moods!

As you know, the Moon changes Astrology signs every 2 to 2 1/2 days. If you don’t like the Lunar energy one day, wait a few days for a possible change.  This weekend is no different. ...more

Standing Up and Speaking Out For My Child With Autism

Before I was Leo's mom, I would have been likely to choose defenestration over confrontation. But kids like my son, who has intense autism, require advocacy, and advocacy requires standing up and speaking out on matters that conflict with his best interests. We parents and caregivers who want real change, real results, and real information for our children with special needs have to be smarter and stronger than perhaps we ever imagined. Here are four approaches to the advocacy our kids deserve. 1) Get Informed. ...more
Here, here. We need to to be fierce, intelligent advocates for our children. I am proud that in ...more