The Sexualization of Lesbian & Bisexual Women

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while now, because the extreme sexualization of lesbian and bi women has been driving me nuts.Like, really driving me nuts.When I first started identifying as bisexual about four years ago — before I really considered that I might be pansexual — I knew people, especially men, would think “that’s hot,” and consider me a little more promiscuous or open-minded....more

8 Things Later-in-Life Lesbians Want You to Know

At an event earlier this year, I met two women who, as it turned out, were not only business partners but also life partners. They left their marriages and grown children in their 50s and have been together ever since. My curiosity piqued, I’m afraid I monopolized their time with my many questions. As someone who writes about midlife reinventions on my site, Next Act for Women, I am always on the lookout for women who have made major life changes, whether personal or professional, later in life. This certainly qualified. ...more

How Karma Impacts Our Lives

You may have heard me say before that Karma is the sum of ones actions that determines their fate. If you take positive actions in the world, this will come back to you in some way, shape, or form. Of course, the contrary is true if you put out negative energy. Thus the old adage what comes around goes around....more

This Lesbian Supports Hillary Clinton for President

Let me be clear - if Bernie Sanders wins the nomination, I will vote for him. I will enthusiastically support him. No hesitation, no bitterness, no hissy fits. Just pragmatic decisions to keep the country moving forward. It is ridiculous to think otherwise. However, I think Hillary is the better candidate. And I don't have to explain why....more

As a Lesbian, Shelly Values Her Ties To Rural Indiana County #AMPLIFY

Name: ShellyAge: 33County of Residence:  Indiana, previously ButlerPreferred Pronouns: She, her...more

Dani Janae, 23, Identifies as a Black Femme Lesbian Poet & Trauma Survivor #AMPLIFY

Name: Dani JanaeAge: 23County of Residence:  Allegheny, attended college in Crawford CountyPreferred Pronouns: she/her...more

ELLE Features Androgynous Maternity Clothing Line

ELLE, one of the leading fashion magazine in the world, has just revealed sketches of the new androgynous maternity ("alternity") clothing line from Butchbaby & Co., and posted a fantastic interview with the founders. Gender-nonconforming fashion is fashion indeed....more

Peter Pan: My First Lesbian Role Model

NBC is devoting its primetime block this Thursday night to a live production of Peter Pan. I'm excited — Peter Pan was my first lesbian role model....more

After 11 Years, My Partner Still Has My Number

This month Laura (aka Ledcat) and I celebrate 11 years of togetherness. Like many LGBTQ couples who (until recently) had no access to marriage, we've used our first date as our anniversary. Thanks to smart planning on my part, we moved in together almost two years to the day later. This minimizes anniversary dilemmas....more
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My Blog, My Partner and Me: Together Eight Years and Counting

Sunday December 29 marks the eighth anniversary of Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents. Over those 8  years, I’ve personally written between 2500 and 3000 blog posts – exact count is hard to determine due to some behind the scenes software “stuff” I can’t explain well....more