Blogging for LGBT Families Day Is June 1

Please join the yearly Blogging for LGBT Families Day festivities by posting on or before June 1 in support of LGBT families! All bloggers, of any orientation, identity, or parental status are welcome....more

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Planning the Wedding

OK, I believe I am all caught up finally!  This week's installment of my weekly blog on is up!  Somewhat about planning the wedding, but mostly about some of the emotions that went along with it.  Check it out and leave some love! Be the change that you want to be in the world. ~ Gandhi...more

New Picture Books Showcase Universals of Working Parents

Two new picture books highlight the concerns of children and their working parents—and also remind us of the universals of parenting, even across diverse groups. Monday Is One Day, by Arthur A. Levine (Scholastic Press), is poem from a working parent to a child. “The hardest part of going to work is being apart from you,” it begins. “Let’s count the days till we’re both at home with a special thing to do.” Each page then shows a different family and a different activity—splashing in puddles, playing with dinosaurs, enjoying cuddles—as they name the days of the week and count down to and through the weekend....more

Fear in the Locker Room: School Sports, Homophobia and Transphobia

Rick Welts, president and chief executive of the NBA’s Phoenix Suns, has just come out as gay. It was a significant and risky move in an industry that is not known for its tolerance of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people. (LA Laker star Kobe Bryant recently paid a $100,000 fine for calling a referee a "faggot.") And as Megan Hueter has written here at BlogHer, women’s collegiate basketball suffers similar problems. Homophobia and transphobia in sports are not confined to the professional and collegiate levels, however....more

Waffles and Roller Coasters: Mother’s Day Reflections of a Lesbian Mom

When I asked my seven-year-old son what he thought I should write in my parenting column about Mother’s Day, he said, “Tell them that having two moms is just like having two people of any kind take care of you, except it’s more work on Mother’s Day.” I’m a little worried, since at his current age we haven’t even asked him to make us both breakfast in bed. I’m not seeing a lot of waffles in my future....more

parenting will never be dull!

There is a full range of human existence involved, from love to ...more

Girl's Weekend!!

This week’s installment is up of my blog on – we’re finally up to our first kiss!!  Wooo hooo!!!  lol Check it out and leave some love: Be the change that you want to be in the world. ~ Gandhi...more

"I Kissed a Girl"

The latest installment of my blog on is up!  Check it out and leave some love - the story is getting good! Be the change that you want to be in the world. ~ Gandhi...more

And now Jill Sobule is gonna run through my head all day.

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The Sparks Fly at the Summer Concert

The latest installment of my weekly blog is up on - another chapter in "our story."  Check it out and leave some love! Be the change that you want to be in the world. ~ Gandhi...more

Today We Told MY Mother

“I’d rather be black than gay because when you’re black you don’t have to tell your mother.”  ~Charles Pierce, 1980...more

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