Taking a Stand

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Moving... On...

Well, I signed the lease today and faxed it over to the owner. It doesn't feel real, but I am moving, in 5 days. Here I go-tears starting to flow. I am leaving a wretched time in my life and home full of memories I want to forget ever happened. I loved her. I cared for her. I lost myself helping to save her life though. She was so different in the end. I still hear her yelling... name calling... I wake up each night scared that she is on her way home from a long night at work, and will be taking it out on me when she walks in the door-then I remember she is gone....more

How Will Our Kids Learn if Adults Bully One Another?

Anti-bullying campaigns dominate the Internet lately, and rightfully so. Frequently we turn on our computers and head to our favorite news websites to learn that yet another child has taken his life as a result of incessant teasing or ridicule from his peers. As adults we experience empathy not only for the tormented victim but also for his parents and their overwhelming sense of loss from the death of their beloved child. Unfortunately, though, bullying is not strictly relegated to the under-18 crowd. I think, until we put an end to adult bullying, more and more of our children will turn to this behavior as a socially-accepted manner of elevating themselves within their own peer groups....more
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Lincoln Had it Right

As seen this week on TheNextFamily.com (7/3/2012):So we’re kind of at a stand still right now with Harrison’s adoption.  After we found out that we had to have an ad litem attorney (in San Antonio) to represent Harrison, that is where things have slowed down.  Everything else is done, and now we are waiting for this last step to fall into place so that we can get a court date.  I anxiously await for the phone call that says when we can go!...more

Season 2 of Popular Lesbian Web Series: Come Take a Walk With Me....The Countdown Begins!

You have to watch Come Take a Walk With Me!!! They only had 1 season so far BUT season 2 is about to come out within the next month and it looks sexy, sultry, funny, and FAB-U-LOUS!!  It's a Lesbian Web Series by Lady Luck Films, and was voted within the TOP 10 LGBT web series to watch! Follow some of the cast by liking their Fan Pages: www.facebook.com/TheMiraMilan ...more

Looking for new writers

Looking for new volunteeer writers for Thenextfamily.com. Please email me at madge@thenextfamily.com. Visit the site and see if we are for you. Looking for alternative families, lgbt, two dads, two moms, single moms by choice, adoption, surrogacy in India, gestational suurogacy and surrogates....more

Now We Wait

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Pride Month ProFile Friday: Joan Hilty

Joan Hilty (born December 27, 1966) is a cartoonist and editor best known for the comic strip Bitter Girl and her tenure as a senior editor at DC Comics’s Vertigo imprint....more

Answering the Question that Will Shape Him Forever: "Can Two Girls Love Each Other?"

Caesar waits as I ponder, poking his finger around the container filled with the rainbow colored stars I've already stamped out, for the Mother's Day cards he'll be decorating later. That must have been what prompted the question. He has so many grandmothers, after all. He flushes a bit, I've kept him waiting too long and now he's worried he asked an inappropriate question. He shuffles his feet, and speaks again: "I was just wondering how they love each other and if it's okay." He's only five now, but how I answer this will shape what he knows, what he lives, what he repeats -- forever. ...more
When he was around five, my oldest asked me point blank if boys could marry boys. I said that ...more

The Adoption Journey Begins...With Fingerprinting!

As seen this week on TheNextFamily.com (6/6/2012):“You don’t choose your family.  They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them.”  ~Desmond Tutu...more